Reddit's r/coolguides is a how-to goldmine

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One of the more regularly useful subreddits I’ve found, along with /r/internetisbeautiful, and /r/askhistorians,


“How To Test If A Plant Is Edible” seems very dubious.

  1. Eat it
  2. If you don’t die it’s edible
    Seems legit.

mumbles “Very dense, hot burning, should season at least a year…”

'- “Which part of the political spectrum are you talking about, dear?”


There’s probably a few people already mining that that page for monetized YouTube videos. If not, there will be soon.

It’s a (sl)easy way of making money.

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wow, that circles of hell reads like a guide to the trump presidency.


I liked this one, but I heard they removed it.


Every plant is edible, some of it just one time.


Actually, I remember those exact instructions, though not the infographic, from one of those SAS Survive Guides that were popular in the 90s or 00s.

Honestly, I’m not sure if there’s a more “correct” way if you’re in a wilderness survival situation and don’t have your phone or local region’s copy of Foraging Monthly or whatever.

Funny that the Inferno provides spots for all kinds of evildoers, even Simoniacs (persons obsessed with waxing their classic cars). But in the Violence section there is no place for murderers.

I agree although viewer discretion is advised - some guides are specious and don’t hold up to closer scrutiny.

It’s generally worth scanning the comments in this subreddit just in case.
(Now that’s ↑ a rare sentence!)


As for surviving in a raft and drinking seawater … I did a fascinating read recently about Alain Bombard, known for sailing across the Atlantic in a raft without bringing water. His theory was that before you become badly dehydrated, you can safely drink limited amounts of sea-water, and prevent the kind of dehydration that would cause permanent damage.
His journey was not without controversy, and his claims have been widely misinterpreted (and the misinterpreted claims debunked). Still interesting stuff!

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