Rediscovering Harlan Ellison: greatest hits collection and Dangerous Visions reissue

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I never read Dangerous Visions but my big brother had a copy of Again Dangerous Visions (a follow up) and it blew my mind when I was back in primary school. I wanted to read the original but that was long ago and you just couldn’t get your hands on stuff.

I loved reading him as a kid.


I still have my used copy of Dangerous Visions from high school. Tougher to read now than then. I blame my attention span. Harlan Ellison was one of the pillars of my teen awakening.

eta: I think I’ll head over to Book Soup to buy that new book. Looks beautiful.


And I see that JMS is also working to get the infamous Last Dangerous Visions anthology finally published as well. Sad but not surprising that it could only happen after Ellison ™ passed on.


It’ll be interesting to see what is actually in it in the end. Over the years, Ellison would buy stories, hold on to them forever, writers would get mad and take their stories back. Rinse and repeat.


I was still a child when I read a strange comic book called “Demon with a Glass Hand”. Years after reading it I realized it was an adaptation of a short story. But I was worng, then, the other day, my brother, who was also quite impressed with the comic book whe had to share, sent me a link to a video of an episode of Outer Limits with a demon in the flesh, blood and glass! It was an original script!

[The Outer Limits Demon with a Glass Hand Ending - YouTube]


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Thank you for the photo credit.
Back in the seventies, after I read Dangerous Visions and Again Dangerous Visions, I started a bank account to save up money in order to purchase the Last Dangerous Visions when the book finally came out. In the early eighties, I checked on this bank account. It had been taken by the bank. The bank had seized the money by setting a $2 a month fee until the account was gone. Lesson: Don’t trust banks with your money.
In the mid eighties, I was an employee of Dangerous Visions Bookstore, in Sherman Oaks California, where I would see Mr. Ellison from time to time.

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I love JMS’ work, and I loved reading Harlan Ellison (I still have fond memories of listening to his radio show Hour 25 when I lived in LA County), but boy he was not only wrong about a lot of stuff, he was toxically wrong. Anyone who dared to think otherwise earned his burning and violent enmity. I think he let being angry become too much of his persona and became addicted to the epinephrine rush.

Part of me wants to honor his memory by sharing his stories for free online. That way we know he’s truly passed on.


The reissue of ADV follows in June, and TLDV is due in October.

TLDV has about 1/6 of the original material, with other new stories curated by JMS - including one by HE (per Wiki)

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After many false starts from many publishers trying to bring Ellison’s work all back into print, in the early '10s, a company called ereads . com managed to actually do so. I picked up a few of the titles and was very happy that someone was preserving his work finally. Having lost most of my book collection in the early '00s I was looking forward to eventually replacing my Ellison books.

Cut to earlier this year when I had a long vacation with a lot of downtime coming up, I decided it was finally time to do a Harlan Ellison deep dive. Sadly, ereads seems to have gone out of business and everything’s back out of print. Someday I will have a complete collection of Ellison.

I did reread Angry Candy a few years back, and it still makes me cry.

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