Redundant clock

Now I want a brilliant watchmaker to design the outer rim hands to run, too, with the inner hands rotating irregularly, but constantly pointing to the right time on the outer rim.

Who is going to build this?


Needs an improbability cofactor. Traditional means it lures the eye over a salutational series meant for friends. Then there’s the darlings multex bit where it avoids triggering by being from all the horribles at once (it’s from the Acrophobic Harvey Waithestein period, etc.)


Tosh. It is the most intuitive, at-a-glance method of displaying the time. I recall some recent research that showed whilst people can read and say “11.25” very quickly, it took people a very measurable fraction of a second, or more, to convert this into “the time”, whereas people who saw 11.25 on an analogue clock face, knew the time almost instantaneously. If it wasn’t ‘traditional’, it would be invented in a heartbeat. But there’s a reason it’s ‘traditional’, and a reason many people use it.

I don’t think I understand: what is ‘the time’ that is not a numerical representation? What more is there to know about ‘the time’ than that it is 11:25?

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