Retro wall clock for $8


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This is good for the wisdom-of-the-crowds method of telling time.

Take the time shown on microwave, the oven, the coffee machine, and wall clock, add them together and divide by 4. Then look at your phone.


People use wall clocks?


That’s fine for those who pine (not for the fjords but) for their elementary school. This is the choice for those working towards some proper kitsch.


At that price you can buy a lot of these clox.


Nice, got one for the Joshua Tree house.


I miss the classic, smooth-running AC synchronous motor clocks.


My wife has found that over the years more and more of her high school students can’t tell time using old style analog (face and hands) clocks. It was a system necessitated by the technology of years gone by and the expense of alternative mechanisms.


I convinced my math teacher I couldn’t read analog clocks to get out of a tardy once.



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