Retro wall clock on sale

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Sorry @frauenfelder, but I got one of these the last time it popped up on BB, it’s a pos, lucky for me it’s got the correct time twice a day.


This is all the retro wall clock I’ll ever need. :wink:


I had something like this for years, but I’d guess an older design, yellow and aquarish. The thing I loved about it was that it had a small mechanical indicator in it that you could see at a glance if the power had been off. Quite useful, that, it turned out.

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Ditto. When I first got it the second hand was scraping against the glass and it would only run for a few days on a battery. I took it apart and bent the second hand to stop it touching the glass and still it rarely runs more than a couple weeks on a battery. The clock it replaced would run for months.

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