Reflections from sketching courtrooms


This is really interesting, because it presents a dimension to the artist’s work I had not seen presented before, and adds weight to the reality of their work. Art can be seen as something so removed from social and political reality in electronic media (Edit: And in galleries), and it might be easy to be pigeon-holed as up-yer-own-ass even if you produce art with political content, but being a courtroom artist is socially real, which, well, I dunno, like I said, adds weight to the artist’s work. The feature image used here reminded me of Steadman and Scarfe, and I guess there are other news journalism cartoonists that work in a similar style?

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I didn’t read the article, although I clicked through because I enjoyed the sketch, I was hoping for more.

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That’s a shame, because she’s a fantastic writer as well! I was pleasantly surprised.

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