Regex Runner: a game to teach regular expressions to kids




Oh god, we’re teaching kids regular expressions now?

(In before inevitable “now you have two problems” meme appears, and I start to black out from repetition)


If you have children, I suspect you have a lot more than two problems.


But can it teach me regular expressions?


To become a regex Jedi you must solve this puzzle.
For your enjoyment. heh.


That puzzle is beautiful…and will never be solved by yours truly.


Just to be clear… Is this game ever actually going to be released, or is it just a private project?


As a result of this post, I taught my mom about regular expressions today. We screen shared and I pulled up on her computer, then we went through the process of finding all the words that begin with G in the lyrics for “Keep the Customer Satisfied”. She seemed to get the hang of the idea pretty quickly!


s/a lot more than two \(problems\)/99 \1 and a regex ain’t one/


Also see Regexquest for more regex based puzzle fun -


I guess that may have been good for teaching, but I think that was the saddest quest I’ve ever been on.

Ok, I guess capturing dogs adds some motivation to a quest…


Nowt’s worked on me, like. YMMV.


Well, if you’re teaching them to read and write, you may as well go all the way towards literacy, eh?

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