Relaxing channel about hiking alone on gorgeous trails worldwide

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Hiking 75 miles, stopping every couple of hours to backtrack and place a camera, hike forward again, stop, hike back to retrieve camera, hike forward again, repeat. Oh yes, while keeping in mind aesthetics and those pesky exposure values.

Awesome in more than one way.

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Since he has a drone, perhaps he flies the drone and camera back to himself after setting up the shot? Wouldnt work for head-on shots I know. Just a thought

Video links for the BBS

@AndreaJames Thank you for directly linking to the YouTube videos in your posts. It makes a huge difference here on the BBS.


I’m holdin’ it down old school! I know that embeds don’t work with some readers’ setups, and I like to do unto others…


You would need to be very confident about your drone piloting skills!

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