This $1000 self-flying 4K video drone looks cool

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Look at thumbnail
Looks a bit too “on fire” to be cool to me…


Yeah but can it film me as I climb into a lion enclosure?


Hide the beacon in someone’s bag to make them very paranoid


Onewheel sighting, WHOOOOoooo!


I’ve been looking for a better solution for filming myself in the machine shop…

This looks waaaaaaayy too similar to Lily. Great promotional video, that later turned out to be entirely shot with real cameras, and not the drone prototype, which didn’t exist. And the company collapsed spectacularly. Just saying.


this guy did a trek into south america recently…

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How the hell did they get all of that audio without picking up the drone noise? There must have been a separate recording somehow.

he’s using a high end drone maybe has a long shot mic connected to lens stabiliser maybe or not… is my best and only guess

or he used previously recorded audio

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he does -not- say he uses any alternative audio gear

Thanks for the info. :+1:t3: It’s a cool clip and nice drone footage He’s an astounding pilot. Looks like he might be a racer too. I’m spending all of my obsession money on e-skate at the moment but I fear drones will be the next electronic fetish and one of the “follow drones” will be my gateway.

Oddly enough I almost threw down on one of those Lilly drones mentioned above. Thankfully I did not. There’s also an Aussie brand that has a follow drone called air dog. Not sure if they’re still around though.

casey neistat threw some footage in this item…
(gear from : hovership)

I got this cheapeo quickboard that casey shows here
but I cannot get my head round skate boards

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That little board is awesome. I would use it for the sidewalk and quick jump to the subway for thinking of neighborhoods that are a little far from the train. And Small is good because the full size boards “scare the shit” out of pedestrians even if you’re crawling along. I use my big boards almost exclusively on the streets and over longer distances. This will barely get noticed on the sidewalk.

Anything much faster than 2X walking and further than 1/2-1 a mile I would get a bigger board though.

Also, can’t leave without saying I am really kinda hot for those drone goggles. That must be awesome.

sam did a vlog on bigger wheels…

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Nice. I might give them a shot. I’m already using 110mm urethane wheels, but they’re solid. Streets are terrible here so alternatively I’m waiting for specific All Terrain 160mm pneumatic wheels to be released. Well the proper adapter anyway.

The foamies look like a nice happy medium between giant air filled tires and solid thane. I can’t even use wheels below 100mm because my motors are direct drives which means no belts and the motors are centered/ surround the trucks like two big soda cans. But without a 1-1 gear ration I can hit 50+ MPH with 110’s.

Great tip. Thanks again for sharing.

maybe even a printed stupid joke item will go viral… can you imagine
and considering that musk is printed huge rocket fuselage items who knows

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