Say hello to the world's smallest camera drone

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Does it record the video to SD card as well as transmit to phone? That’d be perfect.

Even better would be the ability to stream video to your phone and get it up to 1000 feet.

What, no, stop asking me to say hello to inanimate objects, BoingBoing.

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A selfie-stick with blades, used for vanity purposes - nothing can go wrong here.

Quick true story - previous life, I had a larger Sony battery fall off a camcorder from 50ft up (on a TV truck’s microwave mast), it landed 2 feet from a baby. My stupidity could have killed that kid… moments like that stick with you forever. So today with all these drones in the hands of folks who don’t know better… scary times.


It would be nice to see some video shots from 50 feet up. Everything it did in that first video could be done a lot easier and cheaper with a selfie stick. There also seemed to be a disproportionate amount of laughter.

Yeah, who do you sue?

A rebranded Cheerson CX-10 most probably.

I take your point, but if anything these things seem less scary to me as they get smaller. This one only weighs 17 grams. Could it hurt someone? Probably if it hit them in the face. But it would take some fairly unusual circumstances to kill someone. I’m a lot more comfortable with 10 people flying these puny things near me than I am with one person flying a DJI Phantom at the same distance.

I’ve got a CX-10C, and except for the remote, this sure looks similar, but my drone only records SD video to a memory card. There’s no sound, no HD, and no live streaming. A newer model?

Since you can buy these things at a corner 7 Eleven, I’m sure purchasers are vetted as well as those seeking semi-auto rifles.

“…and then came the day all of the nano-drones were taken over by the Master A.I., and there was carnage and blood in the streets…people taking selfies suddenly attacked by tiny little blades…” (2021).

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