Tiny NanoDrone gets a camera

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“NanaDrone” ?


Look, it beats “Peeping Tom Thumb.”

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On a whim, I’ve ordered one.
Not sure quite what I’ll use it for. One thought was to create some close up clips of fencers fencing, or maybe some passing over shots of an audience at a conference (depending on how loud the little bugger is…or dangerous).

The small yet powerful camera has 300.000 pixels

I’m hoping that they’re European, and not just super-duper precise about their 300 pixels…


whoever is flying it in the promo video is considerably better at maneuvering the tiny drone than i am. i got 2 as xmas presents for people. We recorded videos on our iphones of attempted flights, and they all show heads following in unison as the drone takes off (heads focus on the flight), gains a few feet in altitude (heads tilt upwards), then crashes into a wall (heads quickly tilt to the ground amid laughter).
it IS really tiny and lightweight. you’re more likely to break the drone or get a piece of carpet hair stuck in a propeller than anything else.

anyway, i’m gonna practice it more tonight.

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Isn’t this the same one that’s popped up on the BoingBoing/StackSocial store a few times before?

Also, what @Hanshanshans said.


The promo video suggests you can see what the drone sees whilst in flight. Is this the case? I ask only because one of the comments on the Chinese site says the SD card wasn’t included so he could not immediately test the camera. Which suggests that you’re flying blind until you see what’s on the card. Wassup?

Could we have this as a FPV version, please?

Random thought… what about a microSD card that would have an embedded transmitter that’d broadcast the communication between the host and the card? This could add realtime access to the camera data stream into any such device with ease. Would take some effort on the receiver side to decode the commands and data and recover the video from the raw flash operations but that doesn’t seem to be much of an obstacle.

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Not a bad idea. Incorporate some wifi smarts into it, sort of like this chip does: http://www.aliexpress.com/item/Mini-2-4G-150Mbps-USB-WiFi-Adapter-802-11-b-g-n-Wi-Fi-Dongle-computer/32349764969.html

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What’s the resolution and frame rate of the camera?

The camera is a CMOS 330 TVL 0.3 megapíxel unit with a pinhole lens achieving a 55° horizontal view and records 640x480 video @ 30 FPS

tldr; it’s terrible


It’s a start. How long’s the operation time?

3-8 minutes depending on flight speed selected and maneuvers performed.

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you are definitely flying blind, there’s no “live feed” since it’s just a micro SD card you’re putting in the minidrone.


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