Get the world's smallest camera drone and a 2GB micro sd card for just $35

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4min flight time. :frowning:

all these new commercial drones have such short flight times that you couldn’t fly it anywhere or to any height before it goes kaput…a lot of the bigger ones are still only 8min flight times.

…of course since this thing has an R/C distance of about 98 ft, it isn’t like you can fly it anywhere anyway!

that wouldn’t scare me away if the battery were swappable. I could shoot a lot, in 4 minute increments, if I could have a bumch of batteries pre-charged. Looks like Ill wait another season for the right drone.

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So it’s a sky crab?


interesting, it never occurred to me that anyone would find this remotely acceptable or useful.

4min is nothing, especially when you factor in time to fly to filming position, and time to return to ground safely. maybe if all you needed to do was snap a single photo you ~might~ be able to get the job done. likely you are looking at ~2min of filming time per charge, when the batteries are new. this isn’t enough time to use the drone for any sort of action photography, or even as a toy.

if they made cell phones that had swappable batteries and 4min talk time i wouldn’t think “man i could have some great conversations with a stack of 20 batteries!”. of “this remote control car would be awesome if i didn’t have to change the battery every 20ft!” for me the range is on the ludicrously short side, i’ll be interested when the flight time is 30min or greater.

am i the only one who finds a 4min/98ft range pretty much unusable?


just looked at the specs again, the camera is 0.3 megapixels and has no stabilization. so the flight time and range is the least of its issues.

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not long ago I watched a couple of guys test fly a new commercial deone for 40 minutes in one hop. Their rig was several grand: if serious photography were my goal, thats the aort of rig I’ll go for. But at my level of skill and commitment, the main question I ask myself is, how heartbroken will I be if I dont get my toy back? This price point empowers me take to take some risks to get a trophy shot, without worrying so much about my aunk costs. Much more money than this, and I dont want to risk losing it by dlying anywhere interesting.

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I love the apparent disconnect BB has between the distaste for government/commercial/private spying on people over the internet et al and the extreme love for gadgets that serve no other purpose than spying :blush:

I suppose we all want to be James Bond in the end, give or take a venereal disease or two.

atually, I have landscapes in mind, for my drone. Guess Im spying on the hills then.

Oh, I know your game :stuck_out_tongue:


Really? I more enjoy the very specific and scientifically rated specs, particularly when they enjoy critisizing thing precisly such as this:

“Crystal-clear” when compared to what?
“Superior” over?



I bet you always thought they used a crane or a chopper for that shot, right? GoPro on an octacopter, that’s what!


4 min. isn’t that bad; mine is 6 and it’s plenty (though I can swap batteries). The range is pretty small, but any more and it would be out of sight, or at least hard to tell which way it was facing. (I doubled the range on mine by replacing the Tx antenna with one from a modem.) 0.3mpix camera isn’t much, but it’s only a toy. A kid will likely break it or lose it in a tree before the first battery discharge!

ahhhh ?? i do not understand many of these comments here ?? this is a reasonably priced device with a real fine corporate reputation , many of my cohorts fly the similar cheerson cx-10a ~ THIS is an indoor only device , a ’ toy ’ perhaps , although ’ TRAINER ’ might be a better term , this is NOT a commercial outdoor usefull device !! not intended as such !! MAYBE usefull as a 3rd camera angle on an indoor amateur shoot of a 2 minute 30 second song , not , again , not intended to be a 9 axis stabilized gymbal mounted 4k hd flies stably in wind outdoors and films a full 50 minute set machine , which can easilly be priced at 10 to fifty times this amount , and REQUIRES an experienced pilot !! this is NOT an f-22 or 787 !!! it is a cessna 152 or cirrus sr 20 equivalent ~ this is the ab-initio trainer , not even the intermediate level trainer !! strong reccomentation and rant to follow !! :smiley: ( ’ gymbal ’ is an accepted alternative spelling to ’ gimbal ’ , barely dada ~ also , 9 axis is 3 axis stabilization for the copter/carrier platform , Plus 3 for the gymbal , plus gps , time lock , and pressure altitude ) , to repeat again , this machine is for a beginner , not suitable for a professional videographic quad ace , and at a price low enough to be cromulent

A different but popular online store has this drone for $25.68 with free shipping.

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