Last chance to get the world's smallest camera drone and a 2GB micro SD card for 30% off

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“Epic shots”? With a camera that small?

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You’re focusing on the wrong thing.

The real screaming deal here is the 2gb micro SD card.

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The camera seems to be the most incidental, and most rapidly improving, part of cell phones. Fuckers are tiny.

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Yes, and while there are some fantastic cell phone camera sensors out there, I don’t imagine the tiny 0.3mp sensor in this quadcopter is one of them.

I managed to find a review of this thing:

The review says it’s under $30 shipped. Amazon has the Cheerson CX-10C for $25.68 shipped. The BB store has it for $34.99 and claims it is 30% off.

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That is par for the course with the BB/StackSocial store. They have to add in the markup for both BB and StackSocial to make a profit off suckers people who don’t know to look for these things elsewhere. Hell, if you can wait for it to ship from China, with coupons you can grab one off AliExpress for a couple bucks cheaper.

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I’m fine with the price, it’s the 30% off claim that bothers me. 30% off of what?

About $46.

Where I come from that’s known as a One For the Price of Two deal!


You should have a problem with the price, since it’s 36% higher than regular price. But that aside, it’s 30% off their extra inflated regular price. Nothing on the BB/StackSocial store is a “deal”, despite the breathless marketing text - the “sale” prices are generally at or higher than regular price, as seen here.


That’s not true, they sometimes sell those online coding classes at 99% off, which means they’re totally worthless at any price, but that sale is much lower than the regular price.

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I mean “regular price” as “what price can I get the same thing for elsewhere.” For those coding classes, the “regular price” is free, really, since they’re just repackaging information that is freely available via a Google search.


Is there not a legal obligation that things actually have to be sold at the ‘regular’ price for a certain amount of time before you can advertise as x% off?

I’m sure there is, though it probably varies by location. Amazon gets away with this behaviour all the time, though… This Invicta watch, for example (which is actually a very nice watch at its regular selling price of around $85USD, reliable Seiko automatic movement, etc) has never sold for higher than $110… And that’s going back to 2008 - the average price over the last 50 price changes (according to the same link) is $83.57. Yet Amazon lists the regular price as $255, a savings of $67%!


Maybe we need to find a good deal on a legal certification software bundle?

I couldn’t get past the “upskirt eww” factor.

Maybe it’s the last chance to get it at 30% off because it’s going to be 40% off next week! #optimist

I’m trying to figure out how one would use one of these for taking upskirt photos. Never mind the noise factor (“Hey, what’s that intensely irritating high pitched droning noise?”), but even just trying to fly it in a manner as to take said photos (either on its side, between a walking/standing woman’s legs… Or hovering directly in front of their crotches as they’re sitting down?)

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It was a gut reaction.

I can imagine them used as remote cameras, outside under open stairwells or walkways, for example.