Meet The World’s Smallest Precision-Controlled Drone

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Holy shit! Now that is small.


How many grams of thrust margin or possible payload? Any chance to carry a miniature camera/transmitter for FPV flight? What’s the smallest cam/transmitter combo?

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and it appears now with a URL dated today? WTH?

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the cheerson cx10a is ALMOST this small , and cheaper ~ the cheerson cx30 is slightly larger , ok , almost 4 times larger , and about the smallest readilly available fpv for a reasonable price ( quad drones that carry a still/video cam but lack the transmitter are in-between these sizes adn prices ) ~ flying a quad takes some skill and practice ~ to do the flying as illustrated here takes a LOT of skill and practice ~ and , please see also ( slow free shipping on a blimp from the orient is SLOW ) ~ remember at all times to exercise caution and discretion ; please do not be irresponsible or creepy or perverted ( well , not TOO creepy or perverted )

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Drone? What makes it a drone and not just a remote controlled helicopter toy, or is that just the new marketing ploy. No more remote controlled cars or planes or whatever, they’re drones…


I have one of these.

It’s not “precision controlled” or “agile.” It cannot maintain stationary hovering. Theoretically the trim can be adjusted, but it doesn’t entirely help.

Even in a relatively clear space it takes a very light touch, practice, and luck to lift it off, fly it somewhere, and land it semi-gently in the vicinity of a target area without running into anything. And when you do, since there are no prop guards you’re likely to bend a prop, loosen it from its shaft, get carpet fibers and/or pet hair tangled in it, etc. I haven’t broken mine yet though.

I’m guessing the video here required a lot of takes and several recharges.


Yeah - in my experience, these micro-quadcopters are neither stable nor easy to fly, particularly not indoors, without a TON of practice. They have so much thrust, that if you don’t have a super light touch, the first thing you do is launch them crashing straight into the ceiling. EDIT: incidentally, my 6 year old finds this HILARIOUS. But the quad I got was less than half the price of this one, so I don’t particularly mind if he kills it.

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If the word is to mean anything, it would suggest that it is capable of autonomous flight. Otherwise it’s just a remote control quadracopter. Unfortunately I think this is a pedantic war that we will lose because… the other side has drones!

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That might explain the rapid cuts in the video :smiley:

I also own one, and agree completely with crashproof’s assessment. It’s cool that some of the built-in tricks that work on its big brother model also work on this one (the auto flip maneuver in particular), but yeah, not an easy beast to fly.

Not a drone.

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Mine flew about ten times before it became too weak to do more than skitter across the floor, even fresh off charge.

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