Get this Ultra-Stealth Nano Drone for 50% off in the Boing Boing Store

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Um, the photo isn’t the model that has the camera, yet you say it’s a “picture taking” drone. This appears to be the CX-10, which doesn’t have a camera.

Man, if you had the CX-10C (the one with the camera) for $20 i’d buy FOUR of them.

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Um, it’s not a camera.

I understand BB needs to make money to survive, but the frequency of these shilling posts makes me sad.
Miss the old directory of wonderful things.


A catalogue of wonderful things?
A directory of wonderful things you can buy?

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“Ultra-Stealth”? Maybe its made with some new technology from the Edward Snowman papers that have not been made public yet and that is why BB is shilling this crap?

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