Limited-edition 'Code Black' HD-camera drone for 50% Off

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I looks like bb gets their drones from the same place they get their youtube links… USA only.

3 Likes is sold out at the moment, but cheaper, same specs as far as I can see (but not the cool all black colour scheme), and DX ship internationally.
In stock in the UK for very little more at

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This looks exactly like the Hubsan X4. Check it out, it’s a great little drone to get started with (you’re going to crash it a lot). The hubsan is ~$80 USD with the camera. The extra money could go to some LiPo batteries, because each flight lasts only a couple of minutes.

Beware: if you get excited about the “2 days” delivery on the regular Drone and then switch to the one with crash kit, you may miss the fact that the crash-kit one is at least 2 weeks… before father’s day but not in time for deliver to where I’ll be next week.

Why debrand a Hubsan? Are you trying to make this completely unresearchable to consumers? For crying out loud, the supposed website of this product has WhoisGuard–I’m guessing it’s this stacksocial company you’re getting money from.

Can I just give boingboing money so we don’t have to put up with ads like this? Come on now…

Husban is a household name in quadcopters, up there with DJI and Parrot being the only two more recognizable ones. Yes, it’s a special color scheme, why not embrace that and give people the opportunity to investigate whether this is a product they want to buy from third party sources?

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Looks like BB has about as much shame as Mike Huckabee, aka the huckster… it’s all about the money… going to delete BB off my list of favorite blogs… goodbye hucksters… good luck with your future scams

If I’m going to go for a cheapo starter hd-camera drone, I’m going to go with something like this one, and then move up to a good one. $100 is pricey for a “just for kicks” messing around toy, and that GPToys one is only $43.99.

Oh, and:

Joined just to say thye were removing BB from their bookmarks. Classic ragequit!

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