Three Awesome Drones For Every Budget

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27% off?
12% off?
64% off?

You guys use dice, don’t you?


Soon we’ll be measuring these discounts like uptime… I will only buy products discounted by at least 5-9s percent.


for every drone budget… you don’t have a drone budget? how do you control your drone spending?


The little orange drone is indeed very cool, and I speak from experience. And I have a version of the last drone too, which really rocks!

But whatever you do, DO NOT buy any tech items from the BOINGBOING Store, or your money will be in the hands of a separate company called StackSocial, a faceless void which in my experience, is run by insincere a-holes and children.

3 weeks ago I bought the tiny little camera drone mentioned above (which is actually called a Cheerson CX-10C and available on Amazon for about $25) from the BOINGBOING Store. It arrived in a timely fashion and I had a great time with it, for 2 days, all indoors. On the 3rd day after 2 flights indoors and no bad crashes, I tried for a third flight but the rotors wouldn’t start, after a charge and the usual start routine the rotors will only give a slight twitch and that’s all. No, the props were not gummed up with anything.

I tried “customer support” and did hear back from someone calling herself Support Hero Kendra, who was quite reasonable in asking for more information and curiously, a video of the drone not working to show the vendor. I replied right away with the info requested, and sent the video the next day, and never heard from Kendra again, though I wrote many times asking for a response.

Eight days after hearing from Kendra, I got another email from “support hero” Wade Wilson, a.k.a. the fictional character Deadpool, accusing me of using a stolen credit card to make my purchase and informing me that “Kendra has abandoned this case.” I then got a second email from Wade telling me that the previous email which addressed me by name was not meant for me.

And that was five days ago, and not a peep from the rude, unprofessional scruds who are running a store in the name of our beloved BoingBoing. This is a site I trust and love and have read for years, I was even a vendor in the old BoingBoing Bazaar a few years ago. I cannot recommend that anyone trust these people at StackSocial with their money, and BoingBoing should no longer do business with them.

By the way, the “Code Black” drone is just a flat black version of the Hubsan H107C, (also called the X4) that is much cheaper on Amazon, with a better customer service record if anything goes wrong.


seems like 4d20


Love my H107C!

Thanks for the review about the BB store. Would like to hear anyone from BB weigh in?? I guess if we don’t like it, they can just make fun of us?

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Well it seemed like a mocking, half-ass reply to me. I can’t think of any customer service response I’ve had that was so “we don’t fucking care”.

I got my X4 from another vendor and enjoy it very much (it’s great outdoors), I jut want to prevent any BB reader from buying a higher priced drone from these smirking pirates at StackSocial. And I want the good people who create this blog to know about it, and cut them off from this site.


I think the terms for all of the Stack Social / Boing Boing Store deals say pretty much all anybody needs to know about their customer service: “All Sales Final”

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Then why did Kendra write the following? If all sales are final they could have said so in the first response, instead of offering to help and then not even bothering to reply, never mind the bit about accusing me of using a fake credit card. Just ignoring someone is stupidly rude.

from Kendra:
"If it’s still not working, the vendor will need to determine the issue in order to get you replacement parts or a new device altogether. Do you think you can send photos or video of the drone to show it’s not functioning as intended? I can pass that to the vendor to get this resolved.

I look forward to working with you.
Your Support Hero,

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Dunno. Did you read the terms before buying from BB Store? Here are the terms for all three of the drones on offer in this post:

Hubsan H501S X4 FPV Brushless Drone:

SKEYE Nano Drone with Camera:

Code Black Drone with HD Camera:

All of them are “All sales final,” which typically means no returns to the seller and no refunds for any reason.

When it comes to services not working (such as VPNs or Cloud Storage) Boing Boing posters report that Stack Social’s customer service tells them to contact the vendor.

I have a Cheerson CX-10 (like the one in the video, but without a camera), and I couldn’t figure out how they manage to fly it so smoothly. Then it occurred to me: they must be tunneling the commands through one of the VPNs they sell.


I’m just here to warn people not to buy from the BB Store and that the Cheerson CX-10C and Hubsan H107C can be had more cheaply and with better customer service elsewhere.

When did BoingBoing become a crap merchant?

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May 18th, 2015.

To be fair, the “BB store” is only one of many storefronts for the world’s scammiest crapmerchant - StackSocial has somehow managed to not be shut down by the FTC/FCC since 2011.

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The question is, is anybody actually buying anything from there?

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