DEAL: Horizon RC Spy Drone


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Just curious, is StackSocial running the BoingBoing Store now?


You don’t run NoScript? All that the BoingBoing store provides is the CSS and theming layout. Everything else is imported from StackCommerce and affiliated domains (plus both tracking and non-tracking ad networks, and google apis).

Just from the webdesign it’s obvious BoingBoing has nothing to do with what’s there. Instead it’s all most likely just a custom userprofile with some attempt at “BoingBoing’s Psychology” filling out the deets in the database entry. I’m pretty sure they’re trying to sell to a third party marketer’s algorithm’s platonic ideal of the average happy mutant.


Also, I’m pretty sure @beschizza has said here that the BoingBoing store is run by StackSocial, and that the editors pick and choose what goes on the site proper.


Yeah, I do, but I think I must have chosen “allow all this site” for boingboing. i’ve also allowed stacksocial in the past. I think i’ll be dialing both settings back a bit now. I suppose i could have actually dug around the source code myself, but i really should be sleeping. lol. speaking of which, i know you are in the same time zone… :smile:


I work at night, it’s no secret. But yeah, It’s getting to be around that time. I try to avoid sunrise. Because birds are assholes who just won’t shut the fuck up, no matter how loudly you blare the cat mating recordings on the PA you set up in the front yard. It used to work. But they’re smarter than bacteria, and have rapidly become resistant to that antibiotic.


Yeah, when i start to hear the birds I know i’m in trouble. :smile: oops is it that time again, sighs. Programming just seems to be a nighttime thing. thank goodness for sleeping in and caffeine


Birds are assholes. Try a real cat.


The very first thing on the site this morning: So you’ve got, what, like twelve-year-olds writing up your commercials now???

a quadcopter like you’ve never flow before. Could have been a typo, except it happens on two different pages…

BOINGBUST has reached a new low this morning!


You need to start selling drone counter measures to complete the loop.


Woot!ers are not impressed.


the QDI 818A is pretty cheap right now and i can attest that all the reviews are true - it’s quite nice (and forgiving) and has been useful for scoping out damage to my roof. i did manage to almost lose it as it is pretty susceptible to even light wind, so now i only fly when it’s not windy.


That leads to assholes all the way down. Slippery slope.


“Hey these Boingers seem to be interested in surveillance and breaches of privacy - maybe they’ll want this spy drone?”.


It’s a dual-use tech. You will want one for e.g. inspecting your roof.

You can play both sides, too. I for one consult for some local pro-privacy group, while having done network surveillance, long-range wardriving, (rudimentary but anyway) passive RF listening, and even installing phone taps some two decades ago.

Never play with just one color of pieces. It narrows your perspective too much.


Oh of course - it just struck me that the robot that now controls the product-feed we once called BoingBoing got a little confused with its pattern matching :slight_smile:

You’re such an enigma @Shaddack !


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