Know who is coming with this WiFi surveillance camera

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How are they at botnet support? (Asking for a friend.)


Really boing boing, you’re going to try to get me to buy something by making me afraid of the shadowy figure with a crowbar? I know it’s not as if one of you took the picture, but c’mon, if I was up for some scaremongering I’d be watching Fox news, not browsing boing boing.


A few years ago maybe…

EDIT: the password for this thing is “11111111” and I dont see anything in the manual about how to change it.


What if the picture isn’t meant to sell merchandise at all? What if it’s an object-lesson on the subtle ways the media exacerbates racial and class divides, setting us one against the other, until universal surveillance is our only hope?

And they used their “store” to do it. Well played, BoingBoing. Well played.


Given the high quality merchandise that is purveyed by the Boing Boing store, I am sure that they provide excellent support for botnets, with plentiful zero day vulns and a default password of 1234.

Given the interests of the bloggers at Boing Boing, one would think that they would be selling only gear that had passed a security review and were certified to be reasonably secure. But that would entail Boing Boing actually curating the stuff being sold in their boing boing store ads, and that seems to be too much to ask in our late stage capitalist world.


If you have a mobile way to amplify a WIFI radio station then couldn’t you blind these WIFI cameras by over-powering the cameras local wifi signal ?

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They do have an internal microSD card. Also, at my place that would set off an alert within 5 seconds of them dropping off the wlan.


Gordon Freeman?

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What happens if power to the premise is dropped (ignoring things like UPS/TeslaWall) ?

It looks a little too conspicuous. I guess that’s a good thing for everyone else, and a bad thing for the actual user. In fact, I’d kind of expect a thief to simply abscond with the camera, but then again, it’s only $60.

I’m sort of inclined to get something like this if only to find out who keeps making a mess of the office restroom, but that probably wouldn’t go over so well.

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Lights and fan noises would sound the alert by their absence. :sunglasses:

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/adjusts RickMycroft’s fan so that RM stays extra cool

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Does anybody else find the double entendre of this post disturbing?

I was more confused by how a camera could be used to surveille WiFi. You can literally see the bits flying through the air.

Wait a minute, I thought Rob owns one of every single item in the BB store?!

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