"Ring" is the doorbell I never knew I needed


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Hey neat, the top four stories are all merchandise! I guess BoingBoing is becoming something new!


This is an ad, right? How is a reader supposed to distinguish if an “article” is there because a fee has been paid? I’ve bought a bunch of stuff after reading about it here, but my trust in the review process is fading fast…


Bing Bong!


It’s the doorbell I know I’ll never need.


Griswolds dutifully acknowledging splendidness


I think it looks like a pretty neat product but I don’t think I would buy from a company with the apparently sketchy ethics that the RING people have. Why no disclosure that they paid for the review (either with product or money)?


…and with this Boing Boing’s slow decent into irrelevance is complete.


Boingboing hyping SV human centipede-derived tech? Well I never! I’ve lost a lot of respect for this website lately. I started following you guys in 2008 when you’d share cool stuff. Lately it just seems like it’s fallen to the level of amazon affiliate marketing, among others. I wish this review contained constructive criticism about why this is a needed product and not a seemingly stupid idea. I need to seriously reconsidered my relationship with this website.


Is that really worth the price of admission though?

Why worry? you’ve probably got toxo already anyway.

Just ask them to deliver to the garage?

This may be a legit bonus, but if you’re caring for someone who is that big of a flight risk, perhaps they shouldn’t be left alone to begin with?

I’ll concede it might be a good idea if you live in a high-crime area, but otherwise it just feels like another step on the path to normalizing surveillance. The rule of thumb is that if you never knew you needed something, you didn’t need it.


One thing not addressed is where the notifications/video live.

Do the notifications/video from Ring stay within your home network, or do they get uploaded to Ring’s servers? I’ve not happy with a solution that places video of my home, family, or visitors in the control of unknown third parties.


For serious guys, could you make this sound any more like a paid ad? Hooooly smokes.


I want a door bell that is a button-launch switch like to a cruise missile with a little flip up bit and a little red glow or maybe like an old joy stick or Centipede controller.

Question: Does this doorbell need a CAPTCHA?


Who’s your friend that likes to play?


A Gallery of Wonderful $700 Coffee Tools And Other Crap Only Our Increasingly Privileged And Oblivious Editorial Staff Can Afford


All of these problems sound like they were discovered after the solution arrived at home.


Dear Penthouse Letters^W^W BoingBoing Product Reviews Column,
I never believed these letters were real until one day this happened to me!


Hey you can’t begrudge their success, they’ve worked their asses off, probably. Still, I swear each and ever one must have a kitchen the size of the Taj Mahal.

“I don’t know how I ever lived without this mouse corer and boning knife…!”


One to add to The List™?


I literally can’t tell these days.

Meanwhile, I also can’t tell whether it’s “Ring” “ring” or “RING”… Say what you will about Apple’s inter word iCapitalization, they are at least very consistent about it. With “RiNg” (I’m splitting the difference), not so much. It actually looks like an interesting (if $200) product, but have no idea how seriously to take this review/sponsored product placement since I seriously can’t be sure I can tell one from another here on BB.