Ditch your annoying bulky key ring with the KeySmart 2.0 Titanium Key Organizer

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If I had only eight keys, I wouldn’t have an annoying bulky keyring. It takes twelve to annoy me, minimum.


Ti still has the kewl factor, buy why other than saying titanium would this be a value add to a key-knife gizmo?
There are great places to use titanium like supersonic aerospace engine and airframe applications, but a key-thing?

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What about those special car ignition microcomputer keys with the big black ends? How do they fit on the gizmo? What about the fobs with all the buttons? This looks like more hipster crap to me.


A bolt with a nyloc nut will do a pretty similar job.


You have hawked the same key holder three months ago:

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Incomplete without bottle opener feature.


We have older cars - no fobs, but keys with the black plastic top. It looks like I’d have to attach a ring to hang those both off it and that’s half my key ring right there.


Yeah but the picture for that ad had 14+ keys in one hand, and a tool that could only replace 10 of them in the other. This ad doesn’t have a picture that disputes the product.

I bet dollars to donuts this was on Kickstarter at some point. Every other thing on kickstarter anymore is a keyring or wallet it seems


Good eye!

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The thing I don’t understand with key rings: if you have that many keys, unless you truly need all of them on one ring because you are a postal carrier, janitor, etc., why wouldn’t you separate them so you’re not putting keys you only need occasionally in your pocket/purse when you go on a date, or to a game, or on vacation?

I don’t need work keys when I go visit my dad, and I don’t need his house keys the rest of the time. Why would I carry all that on one ring, all the time?


Without that it is easy to end up with dad’s house keys at work and work keys on vacation.

People make mistakes. Awful lot of mistakes.
…don’t ask how I know…


So you need to take it apart (with a tool you’ll need to have with you), when you want to give only your ignition key to the valet or car wash guy? Yeah, that’s brilliant.

I have three sets, and they are all physically different enough I could tell them apart without touching in my pocket.

Which reminds me, I need to trim a few off of one set that I shouldn’t have anymore. I hate having keys to things I don’t have the right to access.

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Similar things can be had from China for a fraction of the price. Gearbest sells one (currently out of stock) for $5.

But yeah, only really useful if all you have is a bunch of standard keys. The most annoying things on my keyring are my car key fobs, neither of which would fit on this thing. Also, it’s much easier to flip through my keys on a standard ring than to have to pop them all out of one of these things and search through that way.

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Includes bottle opener.

That tool is called a coin.

I currently have more non-key items on my keyring than actual keys. I don’t think this works for me

I have one of these and really like it. No more jingling!

Award winning? There are keyring awards?