Rethink and change your key situation with KeySmart

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Keys just don’t cut it these days in the high-tech world.

This actually made me laugh. How many times has this happened to you?


The magetic holder is nice, but… $13 for $4 (at most) worth of magnets and $negligible of doublesided foam adhesive tape (or a drop of epoxy)?

Check the prices here:
Or, for screw-mounting for larger loads, use the countersunk ones here:
Probably could be found quite cheaper with a bit of shopping around.

For added effect, use a bigger magnet to account for the gap, and put it on the light cover (or any other structure) from behind.

The tools look nice but seem to be rather anaemic.

For one of smaller key bunches I have a version of KeySmart made of a standard screw with a nyloc nut and an adapter for keyring mount.

For a pair frequently used around the house (door/garage, or door/workshop…) I use a trick where the screw is tightened more. The two keys are angled 90 degrees, and allow taking the pair in hand, using one key, turning 90 degrees, using another key. Loose movement may be more desirable in other scenarios; e.g. this is rather nsuitable for carrying in pocket.

Thought. What about grinding and sharpening the top edge? Could cut it while still being able to work as a regular key. For bonus points, as the alloy is rather lousy for a blade, hard metal could be laser-welded (or brazed, or electrodeposited, or joined by other suitable way) to the edge.

Edit: a keychain with keys can be used as a makeshift weapon; hold the ring in the fist and let the keys stick out between the fingers. Could there be some design of such keyholder that’d facilitate its use as a knuckle-duster while not being obvious as a weapon?

There are many variants, e.g. this one:

A combined weapon and a bottle opener.

Without the bottle opener, there are dozens of variants; Brutus, Safety Cat, Knuckle Kitties…

(note the plastic shrinkage, an artefact of somewhat less than competent mould design and/or injection machine operation).

I wonder if the design could be made less conspicuous while keeping the functionality. Something tool-like that can be held this way but look more asymmetric. One of the holes could be partially open or act as a bottle opener, the other one as some sort of a holder or be the staggered hex-shape for the openings for the hex nuts. The tips could double as screwdriver bits, Phillips and flat; or other similar functionality. The shape and function are interrelated; the weapon function can be hidden between the others with relative ease.

I’ve been looking for a durable multitool that I could attach to my key (singular) and keep with me at all times. Unfortunately this isn’t quite what I’m looking for since I only carry one key.

My single biggest problem is finding one that doesn’t overwhelm the inevitably dinky, flimsy, tiny little keyringlet that holds the damn thing to my (one!) key. They tend to have a tiny opening through which to attach such a keyring, and it tends to be too small to attach a beefier ring. I have the Utilikey, but it invariably works its way off of my keyring. I’ve seen multitools that come with carabiners, but these tend to be too bulky for my purposes.

I’m accepting suggestions from fellow Boingers.

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If there’s enough material, redrill the hole. Or braze a bigger ring on the spot. Or drill or braze the hole to another part of the thing, depending on its design.

Those tiny rings feel like an afterthought.

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You’re not kidding. Just to give you some idea of what I’m talking about.

This multitool is neither the best nor the most expensive, but it’s served me well for the past five or six years, and I don’t feel weird treating it like it’s replaceable because it is. It mostly sits at the bottom of my pocket when I remember it, and I tend to misplace it. I’m not sure there is enough material there for brazing. I’ve considered the possibility of a wire rope with a clamp, but I’m ready to buy a better multitool and I’d rather get something that actually has this very typical use-case in mind. I’m thinking of going for a single-piece multitool, like the Shard, just to avoid this problem, but I like the pliers-- I probably use that function most.

ETA, that picture looks grosser than it is. I accidently dropped it in a bowl of PVA glue, and it’s just attracted all sorts of dirt and looks like… well dried glue gunk.

Check the torx screws. Maybe one could be taken out and a metal plate with a real hole mounted underneath, or sandwiched between the tools.

Leave it over couple days in a suitable solvent? Denaturated alcohol, perhaps? Hardened PVA softens in it rather well, albeit slow.

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I didn’t think of that. It looks like the through-hole plate can be removed. Maybe throw in a grommet to protect the screw and just use a conventional keyring of the right thickness.

Yeah, I just don’t care that much. Although if I crack the torx screws, some cleaning is probably going to happen.


Is it feasible to just replace one of the tools with your key?


My family got me KeySmart a few years back for the holiday, and it has saved my pockets. The flat profile is so much more organized and comfortable, and I don’t miss the “jingle jingle” walking around. The only complaint I have is that the bottle opener is total bunk. There is no comfortable, easy way I’ve found to use it - even watching videos of other people using it. There’s not a solid piece for the back of the opener to sit on, as it rotates freely like anything else attached to the KeySmart, so you have to use your finger to brace it. The metal is thin, so it’s not the most comfortable thing to have braced against your boney flesh.

screw that, these stupid keys have nothing on my new smartkeys product. Smartkeys are a revolutionary new technology that don’t just do the old boring opening doors by turning the key trick, but they also track 22 different biometric signatures amd 6 location signatures when you open the door.

These signatures are continually uploaded to your personal account on ( we’re looking for an Alphabet acquisition) where you can connect automatic data analyzers and agents to the metrics so as to react to such things as - stimulation provoked by turning keys at particular locations and dates, weak key turning action indicating possible hesitancy about going in the door, and so forth.

These metrics, tools, and security additions to the Smartkey allow you to do set up safeguards in the case of unfortunate circumstances like mob kidnappings so that by turning the key in a special way you can actually shut down the keys ability to open that lock!

Remember our motto: Stop turning keys stupid, and start turning keys smart with the smartkey!

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Who has only 8 keys?

I only carry four. I took the cylinders out of my back door and back-alley gate and had a locksmith rekey them to take the same key as my front door. Because I hate carrying a lot of keys.

But one of the four is my car key, which (like most modern remotes) is gigantic, and I hate it. KeySmart isn’t doing jack for that.

Also, if you’re trying to minimize what you carry, don’t carry a bottle opener. I use a disposable lighter if one is handy. Otherwise, I use whatever is handy. You encircle the bottle with your fingers just under the cap, and use that as the fulcrum. If you do it right, it pops like a Champagne cork, the cap flies across the room, and when you retrieve it, it has not been deformed.

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I have the front door key, the back door key, the basement key, the gate key, the truck key, the camper top key, the office key, the lab key, the storage cabinet key, the file drawer key, and a brace of keys for various smaller storage lockers. I’ve actually got two keychains to avoid having a great mass hanging off the ignition.

Front and back doors were supposed to be the same key but they screwed up. All the rest are incompatible.

a lesser man would be worried that his revolutionary new product only got 1 like, but to me it just proves how truly revolutionary it really is.

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