The KeySmart Key Holder gets your messy key situation under control

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I prefer this one as it can open more locks beyond what the KeySmart Key Holder, hence it more universal in skilled hands.


I have a KeySmart, the one with Tile integration.

It’s not so great. They’re very fiddly to assemble, with lots of small spacer discs and not a particularly obvious good way to put it all together. They can only hold housekeys reasonably. Anything longer or thicker - bike lock keys, Yubikeys, etc. make the awkward fit even worse. They tend to unscrew themselves during normal use, so you have to re-tighten them pretty frequently, lest they collapse into a shower of parts at an awkward moment. In totally petty problems, they include (or maybe sold me as an add-on?) a bottle opener that fits with it, but it’s terrible; the way it’s built makes it impossible to get decent leverage.

Would not recommend.


My experience also. Mine scattered the keys on a nearly freezing dark night in the rain when I was in a hurry and needed to be presentable at my destination, and there was an adjacent slotted cover for a storm drain.


does not include all shapes and sizes

I have two keys on my keyring: house and car. Anything else that I need goes on a keyring in my backpack where I can always get it if I need it.

just gonna add $0.02 from here:
first the Keys are messy. this is Florida, after all.
2nd, “Keys Smart” is an oxymoron (unless it is clandestine knowledge of the mangrove islets to hide a boat from FWC, coast guard or customs)
3rd, nobody holds all the Keys

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After using a Keysmart for years since their launch/inception, my keys were stolen and I had to replace the device. The newer versions definitely don’t seem with quite the same care and quality as the original one I had, as you will find pointed out in many recent reviews. I also started having issues where my pants would wear/tear in the place where the corners of the Keysmart would settle in my pocket. @Nathan_Williams is spot on with the spacer issues. Swapping keys out, or having unusually-shaped/sized keys just didn’t work.

I’ve since swapped over to the Orbitkey/possibly knockoff Orbitkey, which I am extremely satisfied with. Being able to resize on the fly, plus the softer fabric loop, makes it a no-brainer and addresses all the shortcomings I’d experienced with Keysmart. Though I saw someone in the reviews mention an issue similar to what @AlsoDiana mentioned, having the loop open in their purse and spill the keys out, but I’ve not experienced this issue, not had it even loosen, so perhaps defective unit?

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