Keep up to 14 keys organized without any of that jangling sound in your pocket

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Neat for the home. I’d think it would be a bit too heavy/bulky for your ignition switch

Agree. My keychain is annoyingly large and unwieldy, but the problem is the giant car key with a remote unlocker built in. Wish I could just unlock with a phone app and use a normal-sized key for the ignition.

Psshhhh the jangle of my dangling keys lets others know how important I am…


One of these would have been handy about 40 years ago in the era of ultrasonic TV remote controls.

Keys are the new spurs. yippee ki yay!

I have one. I use quick release clips for my two giant Subaru key fobs. Overall, I give this a solid meh. The tidiness factor is nice, but:

The claim that this prevents pocketed keys from poking you is wrong. Keys will slide out of the thing and poke you. So will the KeySmart itself.
Manipulating a key into tight areas can be difficult.
Removing keys is essentially impossible, so make sure you have all the copies you want before you put it together.
Speaking of, putting it together is a curse fest. Small fiddly bits that require careful manipulation and tightening make for a less than fun experience.

Overall, I don’t recommend this.


I use a quick disconnect for my keys too. Car on one, house misc on the other. I use pretty much 2 keys other than my car 99% of the time, but have 3 or 4 back keys for my ex-wifes house and my parents house.

Funny thing, I bought one when I was 19 and it served me well for over 20 years before it broke. Got a replacement that appears to be aluminum instead of nickle plated brass. Not nearly as nice :frowning:

Bets on how long until TSA confiscates one as a “club” or “ninja” weapon?



What about for my “art studio”, could you recommend it even for that?


I’m not sure how your “art studio” keys and key usage would differ from the rest of the keys in your world, so I’m going with no.

For my work study job at University, I had about a hundred keys on my ring for access. I was told, “this keyring is more important than you, keep that in mind”. Apparently the last guy had lost his and they blew more than his salary on re-keying the place.

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