Kickstarting Keybiner: a multitool caribiner that also holds your keys


Wear it highly visible, as in the picture, and it should also do a very good job of protecting the owner’s virginity.


Right, except for that exposed screwdriver head at the bottom, which will rub against your clothes when you sit down. Not really a deal breaker, though. What is a deal breaker is that this is likely a way to get my keys confiscated by the TSA - it matters not that their is no blade, only that it looks fearsome to under-trained, but over-empowered to confiscate, TSA employees. So, cute, but pass.

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I tried one of the other key holders and found that holding a key in a stationary mode (non-flexible) seems to put added stresses to your locks. When they are in a ring, they are more lock friendly.

It looks cool, but the strange pre-industrial units on the wrenches (spanners) is disconcerting. Are they centi-cubits? Milli-furlongs?

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Seriously, everyone, this is a pretty amazing key ring. How much would all this cost you if you bought all the tools separately? Hundreds of dollars and so many trips to the store, am I right? This is so much more than a simple five dollar caribiner! It’s got tiny wrenches! And more tiny wrenches! And a tiny pry bar! When you need to get into your tiny house you’ll never find anything better!

Buy now and we’ll throw in this amazing free box to store it in!


Also these new key rings seem to ignore the fact that they will be unable to hold many modern car key designs.

I picked up a small multitool that fits over a standard house-key, thinking it was a pretty cool utility. It was great until I absentmindedly threw my cell phone in the same pocket as my keys and it scratched up the screen something awful. I guess leaving it on your belt loop avoids that issue.

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