Re-key every lock in your home

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FWIW, I did the same. But I have several young members of my family that are hard on our doors, or, perhaps problems with the SmartKey system (or the specific version/brand I’ve used), and I’ve had several of these jam, or break.

At least one of the locks in my house had one of the pins physically damaged, and the key could not make a complete turn. I had to remove that pin, weakening the security of the lock, but it continues to function otherwise. (Lock pickers might lose time fumbling for a pin that isn’t there, hopefully :))

I’ve also had a lock mess up the re-key procedure, and no key would open it. It turns out it’s pretty straightforward + obvious to open the barrel all the way up, and manually re-set the pins so you can try again. (Just mind all the springs!)

But being able to re-key the doors simply is super handy, so I’ll give it that!


Where’s the LoclPickingLawyer when you need him?




Man… I need to learn to read better some days, especially early in the morning.

I bow to your superiority and faster posting skills!


FYI - when you move into a new home. change all the locks.

I had a lot of work done on my home, and keys kept going missing. and even the realtor box was stolen (the little combination lock you hang on the doorknob that has keys inside).

Sketchy people think having a key will make it easy to get in and steal your stuff. I just pray they don’t come in when I’m sleeping, I tend to be pretty grouchy when I wake up.


Yeah, we have one deadbolt on a back door that we’ve lost the key to, which makes not quite so simple. Unless anyone has suggestions aside from replacing it or calling a locksmith?

No, just no. When you move into a new home, replace all cheap deadbolts with ANSI Grade 1 deadbolts and wraparound plates. Install extended strikes or even better, install a Bolt Buddy on each wood door frame.
Cheap deadbolts don’t have robust enough construction to stop kick-in attacks. Wood doors and frames split under force if they aren’t properly reinforced.
Keep the cheap deadbolts and keys to change out when you sell the house/move. The heavy duty locks come with you to your next home.


Is it the same brand as your front door lock? If so, remove the cylinder, take it to a locksmith along with the front door key, and have it re-keyed to match the front door. It isn’t very expensive since the locksmith doesn’t have to make a visit, and it’s one less key to carry around.


Kwikset? Sheesh. At least buy good locks. I got a set of Schlage deadbolts for my house, keyed alike. I also replaced all the old knobs with passage lever sets, since they’re easier to open, and why have a good lock and a lousy lock on the same door?


Only fools use the same password on all their accounts.


Also reset/reprogram your garage door openers.


I am safe. I only re-use the password on my luggage.


As has been said, the SmartKey stuff is garbage. When looking to put new locks in, I researched it…they’re easy to pick because of their ease to reset.

When I moved in to my new home a few years ago, I had this same problem. I also spent a day redoing the locks (and garage door opener), and replaced all of them with good, solid locks.

What was absolutely mindboggling to me is that the previous owner had put in this wood/steel insulated front door with reinforced hinges but had used super cheap deadbolts. He also had a Smartkey on the garage entry.

New locks are not hard to install. You might get a little messy, but if the hole is already there you can find a good quality deadbolt/lock/knob to use.

I have had Kwik Set locks and have had the same issues where they eventually fail and cannot be reset so they must be replaced.


Thanks for the tip!


Eh, it does me little good to invest in nicer hardware. My front door has side lights, the back door is full glass, and garage door half glass. If someone wants in smashing the back door glass and walking in is by far the least visible and easiest. Hell the backdoor opens out…