Contact issues with StackSocial/BoingBoing Store

Hi where do I complain about Boing Boing Store. OK they use a company called stacked commerce. There’s no way to really contact this company except through email. They took my money and never sent me the product. Their responses to my emails or unsatisfactory I have not received a package or refund and it has been six weeks. If anybody knows how to resolve this please respond.


Sorry to hear about this. I wish I could be more helpful, but I’m not part of BoingBoing or StackSocial. From what little I do know, they’re two separate companies (for lack of a better word) so I don’t know if there’s anything the BBS can do for you.

But maybe someone who knows a better way to contact StackSocial can chime in with the info?


You could try publicly shaming on Twitter:

Looks like their DMs are open as well.

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Sorry, you’ve had issues - please use this link for shop support.


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