If you want to be sure your mom gets flowers on Mother's Day I'm not sure I'd go with our store, but hey!

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That is a brilliant headline! Don’t your advertisers mind?? I did order something once through your store. It was for a Christmas present, and shipping was promised for mid-December. It turned out there was never any product, and the company was using the boingboing store as a sort of kickstarter so they could actually get their product made (it was a credit-card-sized camera stand for an iPhone), the December shipping date was totally bogus and they put it off at least twice in the new year before I asked for my money back. I got reimbursed right away and have no complaint with the boingboing store but I do endorse this headline as good advice.


Thanks. If you ever have trouble with the store Xeni, Mark and I respond to BB Store customer service requests furiously and follow up with our partners at Stack on every single one that we hear about.

This is Mother’s Day, get your Mom a present she’ll receive on time!


Just a heads up that you can only use 1 coupon per purchase on Teleflora. So if you’re thinking of buying several (like I did) for a single purchase, it won’t work. Hoping I can get a refund now.

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Send me an email explaining what happened and the confusion. I’ll forward it to our partners. jlw@YOU CAN GUESS THE REST.net

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So… uh, purely out of curiousity, why is there a store? Who writes the headlines? Do they just send you copy, and you slap a headline on it, and everyone is happy?

I feel like the store, and who the fuck they are and why they are situated on BB they way they are is a huge, weird, incongruous mystery.

It helps pay our bills.

Stack writes all the copy and headlines. I frequently “edit” the headlines, sometimes I “edit” the body of the post.

We stopped trying to make everyone happy years ago. We are happy.

Mystery solved?


good plan

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I bear no ill will toward the Boing Boing store, but for the sake of the gods, don’t do this. The interwebz are full of stories of flower-by-wire stories that went badly wrong. Find a florist near your mom and call them directly. (Be wary of Internet searches; scammers pretend to be local florists in every city.) You get to work directly with the florist, and they don’t get docked for the significant wire fee.

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