Don't forget, there's still time to get Mom a bouquet for Mother's Day!

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It’s not the price of the flowers - okay, sometimes it’s the price of the flowers - it’s usually the price of the shipping that gets you.

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Confirmed. In this case, it’s +$10 for any delivery at all, and an additional $15 for Saturday delivery.

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Also, as of 12:53 PM CDT, these are the arrangements available for delivery by Mother’s Day:

Teleflora charges a $21 “service fee”, so you don’t really get your $40 bouquet for $20.

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This is misleading in that delivery by Mother’s Day is not available in all areas. You can’t find out until after you pay whether your mom gets these flowers. Turns out mine is out of luck. I would avoid this.

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Actually, it’s too late. By about 15 years.


Around seven for me. :cry:


Of course there’s plenty of time, Mother’s day isn’t until the 30th of March, silly Americans :wink:

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One year and two months for me. :cry:

Yesterday I tried to order for my wife from the florist that I’ve been using for years, and it let you get almost all the way through checkout with big bold print saying “Next delivery date: Saturday May 12th” along with their same-day delivery cutoff time. Only when you went to submit at checkout did you get a validation error telling you that they weren’t delivering until Monday the 14th…right next to the “Next delivery date: Saturday May 12th.” text. :confounded:

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