A fruit bouquet may just be the perfect last minute gift


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This is the perfect after-companion to a


Or it might not.


ya ninja’d me there. Guess I’ll have to look for a pic of chocolate-covered bacon roses.


i’ll just leave this here.


Beat me to it.


I know that they have to pay for all that retail space somehow. The delivery service. The marketing, the websites, and all of the doo-dads that come in, under, and around the fruit. But if you compare the price of one of those boquets to what you pay for a bag of chopped fruit at the grocery store… That Onion article ain’t half wrong!


RE Edible Arrangements the actual company they have TWICE double shipped to us when my parents sent an arrangement for the spouse on mothers day. The second time I at least noticed the delivery guy before it hit the doorstep. I called them to let them know they have some serious logistics issues. One time meh, it happens… two times says they have communications problems.

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