Now you can send bouquets of donuts instead of flowers

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Ha-HA! Cookies on dowels.


Those are some expensive-ass doughnuts. I think my wife would prefer pizza. If only there were some sort of service that would allow you to order say, a pizza, and have it sent to a location you request.


Forget the bouquet part and just get me the donuts… NOW!




This is not to be confused with the evil clown donut delivery service.

Nothing is to be confused with the evil clown donut delivery service.

going to LA and Vegas next week - any recommended must go’s for donuts?


But can you get a BOUQUET of pizza?

Oh. You can.


Do I have to eat the baby’s breath?

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Sweet Jesus, yes. The prosciutto bow just makes it. Oh internet, you make me so, so proud some days.

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i went there - the big sign is cool but the donuts were DD level. sorry.

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Nothing says “decadent treat” like wrapping it up in sumptuous burlap.

Ohhhh, you wanted GOOD donuts. I always go for the experience. The donuts are second to that. :slight_smile:

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Okay I have already seen too many cookie and cake pops arranged to look like flowers. This skeuomorphic generation of long tail bouquets will give way to more creative ways of presenting things. When I think of roses I think poisonous to eat due to the fertilizer and herbicides used in ornamental flowers.

How about leaving a trail of donuts in the apartment instead of a trail of roses. Covering a bed with donuts. Put them on your tits or bits.

Doughnut bouquets? Could we just say “Doughquets,” or does that sound too much like dookies?

The place always fascinated me when we lived in Santa Monica in the '60s, but I liked the donuts we got from the Helms man better.

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And depending on when you go, it’s right off the 405, which can be absolutely shit traffic.

actually, it’s always off the 405… It’s the traffic which varies with time.

Also, ultimate bouquet!


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