Why are doughnut boxes usually pink?


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Because Simpsons did it.


So is this why the entertainment section of the Sunday edition of the SF Chronicle/Examiner was pink?

(Am I the only one that remembers this?)


Being Canadian, I’m used to donut boxes being brown and saying Tim Hortons on them. Kind of like how boxes of muffins are blue…


I think I came in at the very end of that era. No idea. Never thought to wonder why.


The pastry boxes used by Chinese bakeries in NYC have been pink as far back as I recall (mid 70s).

Cookie and pastry boxes used by Italian bakeries in NYC, specifically Greenwich Village: White. Sometimes with a string tied around them.


I thought it had something to do with subliminal messaging. Pink = Icing Sweetness?

Anyway, I would have thought that the lowest cost paper (in general) would’ve had a sort of pulpy (beige?) color. If cost is the issue, then…?


Sure, but… Are they usually pink?



Edgy ‘specialty’ donuts should come in flat black boxes.


So, for the same reason that the FT is pink

On 2 January 1893 the FT began printing on light salmon pink paper to distinguish it from the similarly named Financial News: at the time it was also cheaper to print on unbleached paper (several other more general newspapers such as The Sporting Times had the same policy), but nowadays it is more expensive as the paper has to be dyed specially.


Tangential: Ma’s Donuts in New Bedford (New Beige!) only hold six donuts in a box meant for 12.

All hail Ma’s Donuts.


What are these pink doughnut boxes that you speak of?? Below the Mason Dixon it’s all KrispyKreme with nothing but white and green boxes filled with sugary heaven.

I can confirm this practice. Having worked as a packaging designer in a past life I have seen customers change their entire identity program based on the availability of ready made boxes. For customers on a limited budget sometimes off the shelf stock is the best bargain. Same goes for ink in printing etc. I’ve seen so-so designs turn really great because what was asked for was not available without extra costs so, in the end using what was in house turned out much better. Voila!


Local establishment: “Good things comes in pink boxes” (nudge nudge, wink wink)

Voodoo Doughnut, despite the novelty and popular hype, makes a damned good donut.


These comments are mean. Because I’m here. And none of the things in the pictures are any where near me. :disappointed:


The box was just a way to stop putting a baker’s dozen in a bag.


That’s a whale of a deal. In New Bedford.


Why is everything in Mark Ryden’s ‘Whipped Cream’ ballet pink?


Related reason, I bet.


Even the ones that aren’t from Tim’s aren’t pink. I think the only time I’ve seen them pink was in the Simpsons so the history presented here is interesting.


When I lived in St. Petersburg, Russia in the early 1990s, all of the bakeries and pastry shops used these pink boxes. On Sundays when people would go visiting family, the subway was full of people carrying pink boxes tied up with string.

I was always under the impression that it was a longstanding traditional color for cake boxes, across Europe.


When I went to visit Portland, everyone (not just my friends, but random cashiers and stuff) would tell me I should move there, I should move there. A few months after returning home to Colorado, a Voodoo Donuts opens in Denver. The only one in the world that isn’t in Oregon. Apparently Portland is moving to me instead?