Back to school 1970 vs 2014


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Spot on…

if they can't decide between The Fonz and Dukes of Hazzard

1st grade crenquis picked “Jonathan Livingston Seagull” lunchbox – Gangsta!!


Holy crap. How did that ever get made?


I was quite the lunch box connoisseur…
My next one was Grizzly Adams.

Still have that one – keep my calligraphy stuff in it.

Edit: I did have somewhat cool box between the seagull and the bear : Evel Knievel


I would consider using this today:


This is so aggressively stupid that it makes my head hurt. Despite being written by a woman, it is for certain anti-woman. This type of super broad “hilarity” that people love to spread around always makes me feel like a space alien. Does no one else see how dumb it is?

Also, I didn’t know you could even have a blog that looked like that in 2014.


Went to school in Ireland with this:

Man those were weird times, we had all this international “modern” TV and culture, but were being caned by the teachers/priests like it was 1932.


I had an Evel Knievel lunchbox. Wish I had kept it.


I had one of these at some stage.


Her idea of 2014 is really messed up. Is she mocking some imaginary hipster? Or herself?

I dunno, I could imagine a man doing everything on the list. Either way, it’s anti-somebody.


Perhaps I’m also aggressively stupid, 'cause I’m not sure what the problem is.

I guess one could draw a parallel with Bombeck, in the sense that it’s a sort of “Woe is me, look at the absurdities of the life I’ve voluntarily elected to have” piece. And there’s obviously some hyperbole going on (at least I hope so). But pressure to buy tons of all-new stuff for school is a thing. Increasingly complex dietary absolutism is a thing. Looking at my facebook feed, the “first day” posed front-door photoset is undeniably a thing.

If these are all things, what’s the harm in some good-natured self-skewering? What makes it “anti-woman”? This is a serious question; I assumed it was from a mother’s perspective myself, but what prevents the second half from applying to the modern father?

TL/DR: I thought it was modestly amusing, and genuinely don’t get the outrage.


Anyway, here’s mine. First grade, anyway. After that, I was home-taught (no box necessary) until HS (brown bag).

Also in use during this period, these little guys. Filled with sweaty cheese cubes, tofu, and vegetables. My friends, presumably desperate for nutrition and an escape from whitebreadbalogna, would frequently trade with me (!?!); it was a good racket.

Kept that tofu nice and clammy…


Nice. I had the Evel lunchbox too. He was my idol back then.

This was my favorite toy…


That was one of the best toys EVER. I remember making ramps and jumps in the longest hallway at my parents house.


THIS was my favorite toy…

Sorry, my most profoundly disappointing “toy” ever.

It wasn’t even wireless.


I’d sometimes let Mr. Steve Austin enjoy a ride or two as well…

Otherwise you’d find him atop his BigTraK


At least it wasn’t a GoBot


Worse yet:

that Grizzly Adams one is tight. used to love that show.

and @MikeKStar have y’all seen the film starring George Hamilton? Can’t be missed.

@grumblebum I had that exact lunchbox for pre and kindergarten, then I started getting lunch from the cafeteria in the first grade. it always bothered me that it was plastic. even then, I knew metal was the quality choice. the best belonged to my friend who had the metal Falcon and Dynomut one with the indents for marbles and a spinner so you could play a board game on the back.

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I agree. I feel like it was written by someone who doesn’t have kids, was never a kid herself, or regrets either being a kid or having kids. It is part of this “woe unto me” genre of parenthood that I have little patience for, which I find especially annoying when it is “things are so hard because they are so easy.”

Get the fuck over yourself, modern parent. Things ain’t so different.