I liked it then... but now not so much

A nostalgic walk back into the seedy cellar that is childhood.



ETA: Huh… Maybe I just don’t like the color orange anymore?


I picked some up on a whim last summer. Tasted like powdered milk and sadness. Smelled like armpits and wet paper.


My childhood favorite that I still make and eat to this day:



They used to make me happy, now I just feel bad for the animals.



I’m conflicted about zoos. The Woodland Park Zoo in Seattle was the first one to do a realistic ape habitat in the US.

There’s an episode of This American Life, or Radio Lab (I can’t remember which) that told the story of the pilot program there. Apparently they had a gorilla that was totally psychotic and just fucking hated everything and was causing huge problems. After constructing the habitat, they carefully combed it to make sure there wasn’t anything dangerous, but when they let that guy into the enclosure he pulled a big chunk of concrete out of the sand.

The researchers were observing from a hut in the back of the enclosure. He clearly contemplated dismantling the hut and the researchers with his piece of concrete, then noticed the sky, which he’d never seen before, dropped the concrete and decided it was a nice place.

ETA: Although, I think unless there’s a very compelling reason, we shouldn’t be keeping animals like chimps and gorillas and whales and dolphins in captivity. They don’t do well generally, they aren’t happy in captivity, and there’s some evidence it fucks with their psychology so hard that it’s not beyond reason to assume it makes them insane.


Jeeze, that’s weird and tedious. This was meant for children? Aren’t they supposed to have short attention spans? I know I did.

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This fucking creepy dinosaur… honestly not even sure I liked it way back in the olden times when it still had that fresh paint smell, maybe I was more ambivalent about it than anything else. I hate it now, and actually looking back I think it gave me nightmares, funny I didn’t make that connection then.


Holy fuck, you’ve described my feelings about it exactly.

I remember thinking as a child, “why am I supposed to like this thing? Is it because he sings? Because he only sings like 4 songs, and I know them already. They’re boring. Maybe because he’s big? My dad is big, I like him because he loves me and is dad. This thing sarcastically says it loves me, and isn’t my dad.”


I remember really wanting to go on that weird S shaped roundabout and being annoyed that I couldn’t find one at any local park, actually I think I remember really liking the set in general and kind of just being willing to deal with everything else on the show [aka Barney and kids] just so I could look at the preschool that was so much better than mine.


Ah yes. Wish fulfillment fantasy. They teach us capitalism so young.


It’s unsettling and boring. And terrifying. And it was on at 5:00 AM so if I was ever up that early it was just me, that goddamn dude. And the screamy blob thing.

Do note that is a BEST OF clip.

It’s all downhill from there.

I can’t find the fan site called “was this childhood cartoon satanic?!”


I don’t remember if I made it up or heard of it somewhere, but there’s this idea floating around in my head.

A video clip with a clear title (I can’t remember) that was a bit like the ring. Just… A children’s show set that looked like wondershowzen, but had this pirate guy who stared at you sometimes. But mostly just sat there staring at his hands.

There was a bunch of information in the title and credits, but it all leads to dead ends.

I swear it was on Radio Lab or something.

Except I have a clear memory of watching it…

It might have been in that episode about memory, where they explained implanted memories. This weird kids’ show might be a demonstration.

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Maybe this?

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Yup, that’s it. I remember now that it was a creepypasta… I used to be into SCP. It was very entertaining on a boring night shift.

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Also I know that this doesn’t exactly belong here but since I was thinking about old kids T.V. shows I think it needs to be noted, Reading Rainbow was fucking amazing at least in part thanks to LeVar Burton [who is a seriously chill dude], and rewatching old episodes [on VHS :smile:]… it still is. Same goes for Mr. rogers neighborhood, I cried when I heard he died.



My main recollection of WFLD in those days was that it was slightly less disorganized static than the UHF frequencies not corresponding to TV stations. This show can’t have had much of a budget.