Saturday morning TV cartoon schedules from the 1980s




:: sigh:: I remember the fall of 81 well. Godzilla replaced by the fucking smurfs. 7 year old me cried that day


Were the Smurfs really all that worse than Gadzookie?


Am I the only one that hated the cross-over episodes? Fred and Barney Meet the Shmoo?? WTF??


That Mitchell and Web Look had a terrific Scooby Doo spoof:


I’d love to see one of these schedules from the ’60s.

And I had no idea that there weren’t Saturday morning cartoons any more… that’s tragic!


And there was a time when every local station had some sort of kids’ program. That’s where I was introduced to the Max Fleischer era of animation. And later in the day, you could count on a classic monster or sci-fi movie.


“If you spent the 80s eating sugarbombs and watching badly animated 22-minute toy ads disguised as cartoons, here is your Proustian madeline.”

I did do that, but I should have been studying for college finals or getting to work on time.


Not sure I understand why the '80s are so special. The early '60s to early '70s were the undisputed Golden Age of Saturday morning cartoons. Even the commercials are legendary.


At firat glance, looks to be a lot missing that I remember from the 80s. Maybe American kids were deprived…

No Transformers, no Star Fleet, no Terrahawks, no Centurions, no Mysterious Cities of Gold, no Dogtanian and the 3 Muskehounds, no Jayce and the Wheeled Warriors, no Ulysses 31?

But you did have the horrible ‘Real’ Ghostbusters. Always hated that show.


I have that problem* too. Ulysses 31 after a couple of buckets was a brilliant watch. :smiley:

*What’s green and gets you pissed for an entire fortnight? A Giro!


I guess you don’t need Saturday morning cartoons when you have 10 cable channels dedicated to children 24-7. Not to mention DVRs, video-on-demand and streaming content


or a western matinee or a kung-fu matinee, filling dead air with cheap movies is what made TV great back in the day, IMO.

I saw the Seven deadly Sins like 5 times in 2 years in the early 80s


Absolutely! I was lucky enough to see a bunch of weird and wonderful stuff that I never would have otherwise sought out.


I grew up watching Tom Hatten’s The Popeye Show and Family Film Festival on KTLA. Add in some Merrie Melodies and you’ve got weekend mornings in our house.


Thundarr The Barbarian. Sure Ookla The Mok was a cheap ripoff of Chewbacca, but it was about a bizarre world that arises after most of humanity is wiped out. There’s something admirable about a kids’ Saturday morning cartoon being so dark. I remember my cigar-chewing Uncle Vaclav coming into the den and saying to me, “You like this show? Me too.”


I hated finishing my morning chores, turning on Channel 5, and finding…Candlepin Bowling.


Most of the toons you mentioned were weekday afternoon shows and not shown on Saturday mornings in the US.


I don’t remember half of those. Wonder what channels those are.


I loved Thundarr! “Ookla Ariele, Ride hard!” “Lords of Light!”
Great show!