Post a pic of your favorite toy


This is my Boba Fett. There are many like it, but this one is mine.

I have a nicer conditioned one somewhere, but all the paint missing was loving rubbed off or ingested during play.

ETA - if you don’t have a pic of YOUR toy, post one of it from the net somewhere.

The Coolest Tin Toy from the Sixties: Hootin’ Hollow Haunted House
Another 1960s game I would not give my kid

a vintage, and complete, 1969 super spirograph, given to me as a birthday present by my wife in 2011. it complements the 66% complete original set i got for christmas the year i turned 8. it is the source of my avatar.


Cool. I remember using the heck out of mine.


My mother in law got one on ebay for my kid, though I don’t think she has used it much. I have another nearly complete older one I got at a garage sale not long ago.



where’s your damn black pen? so close…

I never had the super, just the standard, and never satisfied with 4 colors, I had one of those 12 color fat ballpoint pens back then, and that was my go to pen for spirograph.


I have no idea if anything I could choose still exists. That is not a pleasant thought, but I guess that happens if you have three younger brothers and your parents have moved twice since you left.


Yeah anything from way back is probably long gone by now. Though I could take a pic of the kids lego stash as there is some of my stuff in that pile.


I went to summer camp, and they moved. Without me.

(Fine, it was over 20 years ago. Of course I’m over it, Mom!)


LOL, my parents did that to me, too, between 7th and 8th grade.


and @awjt


You made me lol hard.

So it was my vintage ~1973 Dr. Pepper machine (that I restored and improved!), but the photo wouldn’t upload right, and then the curtains right next to it literally fell down unexpectedly.

ETA - and then I wuz like, fuk it, time for another drink!


Tried to get a photo, but my zipper seems to be stuck… I’ll PM y’all later.


I thought the zipper was for the “inorganic component” though?

Also, why is there an eye chart on the wall? Is this a dual specialty practice?


“Read the fourth line aloud, please, while I check your prostate.”


I have a Veritech fighter from Robotech from when I was a kid. It’s about a foot tall, and fully transforms into all three modes, has metal joints and is really well-built. I love that thing, man… I’d send a pic but it’s at the bottom of the “toys” tote, waiting for my daughter to get a little older…


Is it one of these?


Is that the same one they remade into Jetfire for the Transformers?

I never saw Robotech as a kid. No cable, crappy TV. But as I got older in high school I did and thought they were the coolest machines ever made!


Yeah that’s Jetfire, and I was in college when Robotech (well the Harmony Gold one) came out. Thanks I feel old now.


Oh wow! I never realized… It was a hand-me-down from a family friend, and I always assumed they had added the Autobot sticker in a fit of child-like exuberance and brand irreverance. Mystery solved.