Post a pic of your favorite toy

Hah, glad to help. Don’t worry, ALL the original transformers were remakes of other toys.


A good friend of mine gave me this when I went off to university. It lights up and makes an absolutely terrible impression of the TARDIS noise when you squeeze it.

I used to have a stuffed Dalek too, but the dog decided to chew it up.


Still stuck…


I had the unusual yellow version of Cliffjumper.

Damn. I wish I hadn’t sold all my Transformers years ago. Schoolboy error. Especially stupid to get rid of the Prime and Megatron.

The nice thing about Ebay is getting the toys you sold - or in my case - the ones parents couldn’t afford - like the X-Wing and AT-AT


I wish there were more responses and more toy pics. If I tag @beschizza do you think he will deem it cool enough to post on the front page? What is a more wonderful thing than your favorite toy?

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This is the only toy (besides my ViewMaster collection, that is) that I kept from my childhood.

It’s a stuffed circle-ish pillow that had three little leather circles sewn to one side (only two remain). It was given to me when I was around 2, and spending some time in the hospital. The ladies (hospital volunteers?) who gave them out had lots of these in different colors, and I chose the blue one and named it “Puffy”.


Cool! My mom still has my original teddy bear, and some of my other stuffed animals. I also have this book my mom made me that has all these hand sewn pictures, felt and quilted shapes, and activities. Like tying a shoe, buckle a belt, match shapes, colors, counting, etc. My nephews used it for awhile, and then my kid did when she was little. There are a couple pieces missing or need repair, but it is still cool to have.

I have a friend whose mom’s house flooded while he was at college. He lost just about everything, including all his art.

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I had a Luke Skywalker lightsaber from one of the original batches of Star Wars toys. My mom made it disappear while I was shipped off to the grandparents for a week. That was either between 1st and 2nd grade, or between 2nd and 3rd. Hard to recall exactly, but had to be one of those two years because we only lived in the place she made it disappear from for two years.

I will never forgive her.

Loved this thing so much, I still have one (not my original one, though)
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I still have my first stuffed animal, but no picture of him is fit to internet. He’s in pretty sad shape. I loved him too much, I guess.


It is hard to tell from the pic, but I assume it was the hard plastic version? I just had to make due with sticks or a flash light…

The later ones had an open top that whistled when swung.

The original ones though were like giant inflatable condoms balloons.


Aw, c’mon, he can’t be that bad. Or can he? He’s not Bobo, is he?

I mean, look at Puffy. He (I have no idea why it’s a “he”) used to be fluffy and soft, and had three eyes! Now look at him! Even though he’s not a banana! :wink:


The ballpit in my living room

My oldest toy is a teddy bear, not as loved anymore as decades ago but one of the few possessions I still own despite multiple moves.


Yep, it’s not an old stuffed animal. I’m an elitist pig. :smile:

ETA - The Dr. Pepper machine I mentioned upthread is behind me in this pic.


My grandpa had an old slate table in the barn loft growing up.

And I am trying to get the image to rotate and enhance ala Bladerunner, but it isn’t working.


I can help, what did you want a closer look at?

ETA - Is it just me, or is the BBS dragging ass today?

The Dr Pepper Machine, silly.

Of course!


Very vintage. Does it come with Mt Dew?

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It can stock bottles and cans. Mexican Coke is popular.

Dew has been a selection.


Buckingham Nicks?