Christmas LOOT!


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Since we all are probably not getting toys for christmas…
So not sure which was better a bottle of locally sourced and very nice Bourbon or a CD from The Bombay Royale which is an awesome mash up of bollywood, lounge, surf, disco, funk from Australia.

Did you ever want to play questions?

Booze is always good…


Too lazy to take pictures…
Remote controlled K9 and remote controlled disc shooting robot:

Also some Peeps and little tubs of cotton candy.


See also Bombay The Hard Way

I got a fancy big boy drill and a ceramic unicorn head with glitter horn!


I hear the father in law is bringing something special to christen the Waterford shotglasses with.


I can barely move, let alone take pictures

*mwoowaa (kisses)


MrsTobinL got me a copy of that and Electric Vindaloo just a month ago for my birthday.


Great shoe for drumming, so long as it isn’t padded.


I got a rock.



I got coal. But I’m turning it into diamonds and buying hit men for those motherfudgrs.



Yeah, that’s what my rock turned out to be, but I was really hoping for some switches.


DHave you read Dorothy Hartley’s ‘Food in England’? Really interesting, though our culinary history features an alarming amount of lard. I got a Kenwood Chef. Woooooo! :smile:




Like, but what is it you are going to use it for?


Not yet, but I have a birthday in a few months!! :smile:


Meow the Jewels on the vinyl…


To send messages with my individually addressable floodlight array.