The Coolest Tin Toy from the Sixties: Hootin’ Hollow Haunted House



I tried that years ago and it, of course, didn’t return anything. Should’ve tried again.

Oh, here we go, it must’ve been this version:

I probably even had hair a bit like that at the time too. I remember not liking having it cut.


I want to see that commercial remade with really creepy music and a menacing voice reading the same script. Like Salad Fingers, maybe.

I once spent my $10 Christmas gift on a toy spaceship that could extend a gantry and lower a spacesuited astronaut to the ground. The excitement faded to disappointment about an hour after exhausting its repertoire, so I disassembled the thing for parts and played with the motors.


Sorry, THIS is the coolest tin toy from the 60’s. I know because it was my Christmas prezzie in 1960. :smile: My dad looks very pleased that he succeeded in assembling it.

And all you hipsters… no, you didn’t invent PBR! :smile:


We already have a thread on what the coolest toy is. And while this is a cool toy, it isn’t the coolest.

This is:

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Now that’s how you do playing right.


This is brilliant. I’m getting laser cutter ideas now.

the foot-high model was big and the jet pack fired a rocket. much cooler.

surprised you passed it over in favor of the standard size, Mister44.

anyway, ten bucks sez the narrator of the HHHH ad was the same voice actor as Mr Jinx from the Hanna Barbera cartoons.

Yes - I am aware of it… need it…

Also have the new re-released versions with the rocket - but it is mint on card. Need to find another one open to display.

Also have a prototype knock off from China. Not real - but neat.

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I only ever saw one, this was in kindergarten. Brandon fired the rocket, which had a string attached, while under a tree canopy and it stuck. Had to leave Fett hanging when recess was over.

You got the Pez dispenser? I had the Django one, too, but my dog ate it

: (

No Bobba Fett toys in the 1960s.

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It was actively advertised when I was a young kid. Maybe 65-68 time frame?

No one in the neighborhood got one, so it was a mystery item to me . . .until many years later, when one turned up at a rummage sale up the street. It still worked. I wasn’t super impressed, though.

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I guess I became aware of the world (~65?) after this nifty item was out of the stores. Never saw the commercials, never saw one at another kid’s house.

It is really cool that it is made of tin. There were still some tin toys around when I was a kid, but they were more “cheap Japanese stuff” than high-end commercial product like Marx. (I’m now recalling a tin litho steam engine I got for Christmas; my grandmother was worried that it would shred her carpets and bent the sharp bottom edges in.)

A few years ago I bought, in a fit of Maker ambition, a little wooden house at a craft store. I think it might have been intended as a bird house. It had little windows and a thatched roof. My plans were to open it up and turn it into amounts to an Arduino controlled, servo-operated version of this Hootin Hollow house. I never got beyond the planning stage, and asking around the old Make forums about how I could make windows selectively transparent.

Bobba Fett did not exist as a character until the late 1970s. You must have another character in a space-type outfit in mind.

See Wikipedia: “Boba Fett first appeared at the September 20, 1978, San Anselmo Country Fair parade.[2] The character appeared on television two months later, animated by Nelvana Studios for Star Wars Holiday Special as a mysterious figure who betrays Luke Skywalker after saving him, Chewbacca, C-3PO and R2-D2 from a giant monster, only to be revealed as a bounty hunter working for Darth Vader.”

I can’t remember if it was our family or a neighbor who had the Marx tin haunted house with typewriter-like keys, but I definitely remember the commercials and the excitement of finally getting to play with one. It stopped being so exciting after awhile but it was definitely cool. There was quite a horror and monster craze during the Sixties and I never got over it. :ghost:

ha, the for-profit company Marx is nearly as ironic as Cardinal Archbishop Marx :smile:


"A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away...."

next you will claim that Santa Claus is imaginary?!?

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Santa Claus is definitely real. I remember seeing him hurry out the window just after delivering my Creeple People Thingmaker on Christmas Eve one year.

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me too! and he was necking with my mom just before.

made me feel a certain way…