World's "ugliest color" will be used on cigarette packs


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Count to ten thousand!
Rolls-Royce's futuristic self-driving luxury car

No offense, brown people…

–Australian officials


It just looks like chocolate color. A color i particularly dislike is Ocre


So why do they have a colour of the year? And why is it two colours this year? And why does Leatrice Eiseman use both traditional and simplified English in her speech?


Time to reassess my wardrobe,i have more few shirts that color. :slight_smile:


Eww, did you see that olive green color above the pictures of diseased organs? Gross!


Makes me thinks of gold, or at least of slightly desperate attempts to pass something off as gold-colored.


I had a car that color once, it was ugly.


It matches my wife’s eyes. I wondered why I hated her so much.

Much like Time’s Man of the Year not being the Best Man of the Year, it’s not the “best color of the year”. If it was, Pantone 19-1718 would win, obviously.


My husband had a cheap 2002 Sentra, which listed the color as Cappuccino. I always called it Baby Poop.


Yeah, as an Australian smoker, I’d like to point out that a) plain packaging clearly hasn’t worked on me; b) it is an ugly colour but some of the pics on the pack are far uglier; and c) the gangrenous foot pic is the worst of the lot. Now I’m off out of bed at 4.30am to have yet another ‘final ciggy before sleep’ for tonight.

Edited to add d) that said about the pics, I just ignore them most of the time. Can’t even tell you what’s on my current pack.


Pantone 19-1718

Old red wine stain on carpet?


Colorist! The preferred nomenclature is “Fig”!


Money is the reason why they have a “color of the year”. The more people decide to use Pantone as a reference for a given year because of some trendy reason the better business is for them.


My father had an old Honda, the color of which was always referred to as, “Baby Shit Brown”. And it was quite the turd of a vehicle.


That’s a fairly inoffensive colour; it’s a kind of dark khaki. I’d almost call that “natural.” I think neon/fluorescent colours are uglier.


Poop Brown as I referred to it.


If your shit is that colour, you may want to cut down on the spinach.

(Or not. Maybe it’s healthier like that?)


I think that is the color all the depressed people in Portland are painting their houses. Or some facsimile…


I had to work in an office that was that color, it was very depressing. The owner’s wife thought she was brilliant for choosing it and having it custom blended for the building.