Pantone's color of the year


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I would have gone with alt-white.


I’m relieved it isn’t some shade of orange.


They should sync these up with license plate stickers


Or broken white? The joke goes: Whats a “black lives matter” supporters favorite color?

So they suggest green as a relaxing color, this reminds me of Shades of Grey by Jasper Fforde, a great book. From the Wikipedia page:

Shades of green, especially Lincoln green, act as a narcotic, and are often abused as recreational drugs.


I like it. Though it looks like something used a lot in early 2000s, often paired with a grey.


Are you guys in cahoots with the Wicked marketing team or what?
Also, yes I know that this ad says more about me than it does about BoingBoing’s genius sponsored post strategy.


If it’s such a calm and hopeful color, wouldn’t it be the opposite color of the year?


Uh… I would have described that color as “puke green”. So, yeah, pretty good match for 2016.


They’re saving pitch-black for one of the coming next four years.


That seems a bit too saturated. Unless perhaps it’s the birthday party of a child who wanted a soccer-themed cake.




Wicked came out in 2003. Like I said, very popular in the early 2000s

Eh, your eyes need color calibration. Puke green has more olive in it.


Beat me to it. Also “retch”.


It’s tough to judge colors all by their lonesome. Here’s the page you need that shows some of their suggested palettes and ideas. To me, this looks a lot like that mint green that was so in in web design about 12 years ago.


Never again. :no_good: :laughing:


It lost the popular vote.


There’s a cocktail made of equal parts white creme de cacao and green creme de menthe: the Grasshopper. It can be a very high class drink, because you can spend as much money on a liqueur as you want to. It can also be a very low-class drink, if you’re a substance-abusing college student buying booze off the bottom shelf at the 1980s predecessor to BevMo!. We were not high class. In fact, we weren’t even going to shell out the extra bucks for white creme de cacao. Brown was cheaper; we bought brown. We mixed equal parts brown creme de cacao and green creme de menthe and called the resulting greenish mud a Locust.

The creme de menthe we bought was opaque. That meant the amount of green food coloring the manufacturer had included to make it look green, even though light was only interacting with the surface layer, was incredible. While the serious alcoholics drinking enough hard liquor to pickle a cat generally had experience and cast-iron guts, it was the folks still ascending the learning curve who drank most of the Locusts. And really, you only needed one Locust in your stomach to turn vomiting into a fiesta.


Here’s another fun one for you. Made with Midori for lots of green.


i’m old enough to remember the last time it was the “in” color, but back then we all called it “celery.”