Massachusetts state senator busted for kickbacks including Dunkin’ Donuts coffee


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Brian got ripped off. He got cake instead. Hundreds of pounds of cake.

Dunkin’ Donuts are cakes with holes and not donuts. Says a Krispy Kreme fan.


First thing that came to mind:


In fairness, that particular gift was meant for the police.


Similarly, this dude is also (apparently) a fucking cartoon.


For what it’s worth, if I drink too much Dunkin’ Donuts coffee, I get kickbacks, too.

Is… there a difference?


Dunkin Donuts donuts are the worst donuts, except for all the others.

They used to be decent but years ago they completely reworked how they’re made so they could be produced at centralized locations and shipped out to stores and gas stations.


Chock-Full-o-Nuts makes a fine donut, but they can only be had in New York City. Alas.


If I have to explain… uggggh! /s


I’ve always said that in the donut hierarchy, a hot out of the oven Krispie Kreme is the finest you can buy.

But when they’ve been sitting out for a few hours, it’s kind of a tossup between theirs and Dunkies. But I’ve had some godawful DD donuts. I guess it’s part of their charm. Rubbery stale donuts and coffee so bad that it comes with double-cream and double-sugar by default. If you can find enjoyment in that, you’re a gritty, hearty Bostonian!


OTOH, if you happen to live near one of the locations where they still make them (like I do), you can sidestep that problem.

@Akimbo_NOT I enjoy Krispy Kreme, especially the jelly. But I grew up on Dunkin (no Krispy Kreme around until I was in high school) and still have an affinity for it.

@nungesser: The non-Bostonians don’t understand. Although they do have other good donuts around Boston, too. Like Union Square Donuts. Or Kane’s Donuts, downtown.

Actually, though, the best donuts I ever had were from Oram’s in Beaver Falls, PA, about an hour outside Pittsburgh (fun fact: as of 2011, the parking meters there still took nickels, and afterwards we had burgers and fries for less than $5/person). Totally worth the drive if you’re in the region. Bring a group, get every flavor.


A Dunkies chocolate stick is still my guilty pleasure donut. But yes, Kane’s donuts are truly wonderful and don’t involve a half-hour wait and a $3/donut investment like Union Square.

I finally had the chance to try Voodoo Donuts recently, however, and they were by far the best I’ve ever had. Worth the hype.


Astro Donuts and Fried Chicken in DC, also fantastic. The donuts, anyway, The chicken was so-so.


It’s New England! That’s what we do! What’s the problem?


🎜 “Time to make the handcuffs” 🎝


“hundreds of pounds” of Dunkin’ Donuts

just can’t wrap my noggin around that…


Only your teeth are necessary


What’s with the doughnut comparisons, folks? The guy didn’t get doughnuts, he got coffee. Terrible, terrible coffee.


An immeasurable sin.


It’s a slippery slope in that innertube, from bribing cops with a donut or three to protect your business by just standing around, to bribing a state senator who might sit on the franchise committee with a thousand of them.