Enjoy this hypnotic video of Krispy Kreme doughnuts being made

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I feel a diabetic coma coming on just looking at that.


You had me at the sugar falls gif! Yum.


Oh, I miss my days at the University of Florida. Krispy Kreme, Smoothie King, and the place that served up huge teriyaki bowls to students for 5 bucks each.
It was so great to walk in and get a melt-in-your-mouth donut when the “hot donuts now” sign was on.


The bad news is the Krispie Kreme right near me shut down a few years ago :frowning:

The good news is I haven’t ever had donuts for dinner because of the “HOT” sign being lit up since then. Hush - I am an adult, I can do what I want.


Hated these as a kid. Become teen w/driver’s license, friend says “Let’s go by KK and see if the ‘Hot Now’ sign is on”. “Why, what’s that mean?”, I say. Get dumbfounded look from friend. “You’ve never had a hot, fresh Krispy Kreme?” “No” Convinces me that a hot one will change my world. It did.

BTW, put a cold one in the microwave for about 8 seconds to get something very close to hot and fresh at the store.


Corporate donuts, feh. No thanks.

On the other hand, Bob’s Donuts, family owned shop, donuts handcrafted by Minh, a person with a name and decades of balletic skill…


I’m sorry, but Krispy Kreme doughnuts just are not that good. We have a place called LeMars doughnuts here in KC, and they are amazing. The glaze doesn’t create that film in your mouth like Krispy Kreme. After seeing this glaze machine and the chunks of black stuff coming out with the glaze I’m pretty grossed out.


I like LeMars well enough, but there is something about a hot Krispie Kreme that can’t be beat.

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I’m guessing that may just be air bubbles? (You can see plenty of bubbles when they’re stirring the vat of glaze, and I wouldn’t think it possible to eliminate every one…so that’s my guess.)

Yeah, I don’t actually like Krispy Kremes myself, but I do like plenty of sweet stuff, and not always artisanal, so I won’t knock anyone who takes delight in Krispy Kremes :smiley:. I did enjoy the video.

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They are amazing, you can practically drink them.

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In high school I used to go to that Krispy Kreme late at night, split a dozen glazed with a buddy, and watch the streetwalkers on 13th street.

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When I was in 4th grade, our whole class took a field trip to see KK donuts being made, with samples of course. This was a thing all 4th graders did.

I’d like to see Betsy Devos top that.


Call me a creep, but I don’t think a “donut birthday cake” is actually a birthday cake. I believe it’s a bunch of donuts stacked on a plate.

I don’t understand the hype over Krispy Kreme. Every time I try one it tastes like generic, crappy supermarket donuts. I guess they’re more appetizing if you get them when they’re hot and fresh.

they are a lot better fresh and hot, as is any donut.

they are good fresh, but the peak of mass produced donuts has to be a fresh tim horton honey cruller.
honey cruller…drools…

also if you are talking cake donuts, a yellow cake donut with sour cream frosting is pretty darn good as well.

our local bakery makes a jelly filled donut filled with homemade raspberry jam.

dammit…now i want donuts. :slight_smile:

i wouldn’t dare look that one up on urban dictionary… :zipper_mouth_face::joy:

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Did anyone else notice the hand that has to be involved in mixing of the glaze before it pours over the donuts? Is that something a machine is not qualified to do? What if that person took a break? What if that person is not qualified to do it? What does it take to qualify that person, a year of churning-butter school? What if that’s a degree? Does it come with a silver churning stick? Do they have to have an annual refresher course?
If humans are to be involved, I sure hope my donut’s glaze has been stirred right and propah’ by a distinguished and accredited member of the Secret Krispy Kreme Donut Galzing Churning And Mixing Fraterinty or else I shall be withdrawing my patronage!!!


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