Krispy Kreme ice cream is finally a thing

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This is NOT the first time that Krispy Kreme offered soft serve ice cream.

I’m blanking on WHEN the local (Beaverton, OR) outlet had a soft serve machine, but it was there for at least several years. I’m guessing they were around fro ten to five years ago?

The flavors were just vanilla and chocolate. No “donut” inspired flavors.

I would too-often drop in on the return leg of a weekend thrift store circuit for a large chocolate cone. They were very reasonably priced.

Sometime before the pandemic I went in and discovered it was gone.


Deal me in.

What I really want is a KK original, hot, no glaze, with a scope of frozen dairy goodness on top.

THEN, I want to sit in a comfy chair with the sugar shakes for 10 minutes or so, and follow that up with a carb nap.

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If the ice cream carries the same formula as their doughnuts, no one will be safe from its addictive properties.

(raising hand) Sorry, but I think Crispy Creme donuts are just teeth sliming sugar slicks coating a puffed dough of airy sadness. There’s no more disappointing day at the office for me then when someone calls out “I brought in donuts!” only to find it’s Crispy Creme. Oh, sure, I might still eat one because “free donut” trumps even my own tastes (even donuts of mediocrity are still donuts and must be eaten), but mostly I skip the offer.

The ice cream may actually improve the experience for me overall, though. The flavor itself is okay after you get beyond the glaze and empty dough pouch, might work better in an ice cream. Probably not all that terribly different from French vanilla I imagine.

To me, this is Krispy Kreme attempting to fill the void that broken McDonalds ice cream machines created.

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I hope the ice cream machines at KK aren’t as breakable, otherwise the usual hilarity will ensue.

looks like a bit of an animal to me

Yes! Looks like a spider sitting on a mushroom to me

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