Scientists promise ice cream that doesn't melt

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They already have this and people on the internet freaked the fuck out over it last summer. Hell even BoingBoing fell for the foodbabe style anti-science.


Beat me to it! Dammit.

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I can’t even eat ice cream anymore. With all the weird chemicals they put in it these days it doesn’t taste anything like actual cream. Iced or otherwise. Can anyone recommend some decent ice cream available in Canada that DOESN’T have this crap in it?

If you’re lucky enough to live near one, I recommend Cow’s Creamery.

Otherwise, if you live in Ontario, I recommend Kawartha Dairy.

Otherwise… I got nothin’.

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In Quebec, there’s a fake brand of Breyers ice cream that’s really just relabeled “Quebon” packages. We had some of their “vanilla” stuff a few weeks ago. It tasted like absolute ass. I finished my small bowl, but my brother refused to. He set it down on the table and we carried on watching our movie.

By the time the credits rolled, his bowl hadn’t melted for shit. It still had all the distinct ridges and topographical features it had when he put it down over an hour earlier. I checked the ingredients and it had coconut oil in it, which hardens at room temperature. We figured it was mixed well enough into the stuff to have formed a scaffolding that was holding up the rest of the ingredients.

Quebon is Gawd-awful garbage. Worse, even, than Nestle.

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Oh, the vegetable-gum-stabilized stuff melts just fine - it’s just that, once it melts, it’s a pile of whipped vegetable gum and milk solids, not a pool of cream.

Ice cream that doesn’t melt sorta misses the point - ice cream’s cold goodness isn’t just because it’s cold, it’s because the phase transition of melting absorbs LOTS of thermal energy, which is what makes melt-in-your-mouth ice cream so delightful on a hot summer day (and causes headaches if it melts going down your throat, as the melting chills your carotids and causes brain-freeze).


Sounds like a frozen gel.

It will change the mouthfeel so won’t be like a “real” ice cream. In some contexts may be worth it.

I thought they were due to cold things hitting the palate of your mouth? Never heard the carotids being claimed as a cause.

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Wait…people have problems with it melting before they scarf it down? Huh…

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Silly earthlings. We have had the solution for decades!


I have cold-sensitivity in my teeth, so I can’t really bite into ice cream. This increases the amount of time it takes me to eat it.

That being said, I still can finish eating it before it melts (but not before it starts dripping).

Honest to gosh, freeze-dried is by far my favorite type of ice cream.


I shot some photos for a company called Taste Technologies around 13 years ago. They made this additive and told me all about how the ice cream would get soft but not run. Then they offered me a cannoli filled with it and I politely declined. It’s also used to keep grocery store decorated cakes from developing a “slime” layer between the cake and frosting.

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Do you have a freezer that gets cold (like -10 C or below?) Get one of these and make your own. Works great, you know what you’re eating, and you can make any flavor that you can imagine. Keep the insert in the freezer and it’s always ready, in 20 minutes you’ve got soft-serve. White chocolate chip with mushed up fresh raspberries is amazing. Go crazy for a week and you’ll have a freezer full of the best ice cream you could dream of.


The high point of this technology will be just before the product recall announcements, after a gruesome mishap: The ice cream still refused to melt after being swallowed.



No scream(s).

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Doesn’t Chapman’s have no/few added chemicals, at least for their 100% milk ices?

I’m pretty sure Häagen-Dazs ice cream, or at least almost all of it, is pretty chemical-free. (If you realize that ice cream is sold by weight, H-D isn’t that much more expensive than other ice creams).

Like seedless watermelons, it will still take over. Never underestimate how much people are willing to put up with something that tastes like shit in order to avoid a minor inconvenience.


Make your own. It’s not hard.

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