Hey, this ice cream don’t melt!

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May not melt, but how’s its temperature retention?


If you pump enough emulsifiers into your ice cream bars, you will find they hold together splendidly – they not only hold their shape, but they are basically insulating foam which keeps the temperatures steady.

The only caveat: your customers really like eating foam.


Ice cream that doesn’t melt?


With a name like BIOTHERAPY DEVELOPMENT RESEARCH CENTER COMPANY it simply must be good.


Other (dubious) reports suggested they were deformed mutant fruits from around Fukushima.

Perfect when combined with coffee that doesn’t pour.


You can’t go wrong with some delicious polyphenols from Mr. Toyoda.

Oh, the expression on the ice-cream bear with a stick up its arse - the perfect blend of discomfort, indignity, and slow dawning horror that it cannot escape even by melting.


" polyphenol liquid extracted from strawberries…"

Natural, then. All right. For a while, the “don’t melt” part made me think the ice cream was something from Monsanto or Union Carbide.

Hemlock is “natural”. So is belladonna ^^’. If you wanna get really picky, it’s difficult to consider almost anything found in this universe truly “unnatural”, although the man-made transuranics (“synthetic radioactive elements”) probably qualify; I doubt if we’re gonna find any unununium (AKA “roentgenium”) anywhere out there, much less the really exotic stuff…

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Oh sure, non-melting ice cream from Japan is all whimsical and shit, but when Walmart ice cream sandwiches don’t melt it’s creepy…

I remember buying a carton of ice cream from the frozen foods section of a French grocery store, and the uneaten portion maintained its shape but changed into a gross foam as a liquid trickled away from it.

Even fully frozen it was pretty bad. Find a gelato stand instead.


I figure that since the polyphenol liquid obtained was natural too and came from a natural source (I think we can agree that strawberries are natural :slight_smile:) and was not created by us…

None of which have ever been known in Japan anyway.

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