On the topic of the BB store


I suppose that’s one way to stop people commenting on shop posts.


Ooh i gets me very own split topic.


Store posts no longer share to the BBS. It wasn’t a way to get support, and there tended to be few constructive comments in store topics anyway.

“But wait!”, you ask - “What about folks who need store support?”

Shop support has always been listed at the bottom of any BB page - and were never available via the BBS anyway. (They can be reached here)

“But wait further!” You say - “What if we have an issue with a store post?” - those concerns never belonged here either - If you’d like to report an issue with the store, our contact us page has all the info you need (i.e., help@boingboing.net is the way to go). This is not for orders! Use shop support (above, and also on the contact page) for that!



Well, the On the topic of the BB Store is closed already - where are we going to able to make snarky comments about the more dubious store offerings?


In the spirit of “debate the position rather than the person”, aren’t comments best focussed on the individual product adverts/posts? I’ve mocked quite a few products over the years; others I’ve shrugged at because, well, we all deserve to make a living.

Maybe I misunderstood but I got the idea that the individual shop posts wouldn’t link to the BBS anymore. If that’s not the case, then never mind, it’s just a reading comprehension fail on my part.

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Your own forum. We aren’t obligated to provide you with one.


That seems to be the case, which is fine. If a particularly bad product is posted by the hucksters at StackSocial (e.g. the one making bogus health/wellness claims that was taken down and likely prompted the decision), you can report it to the moderators as described by @orenwolf above. Otherwise, most of the Store posts deserve BBS comments are much as they deserve our attention.


Yes, absolutely - it’s your forum and your rules and if I don’t like it I can leave.

That being said, I do think that it wouldn’t be a bad idea to have a topic where people can vent about the shop - not at the level of flagging something but in the spirit of the robust discussion that happens here. If I remember correctly, I have seen shop discussions where people have discussed similar childhood toys and have had valid points to make about the product - not just snark.

And, sure, I get it that it shouldn’t be in a link right at the bottom of the shop entry - I’m sure that probably didn’t make some salespeople all that happy - judging by the disappearance of topics related to the shop. And, yes, at the end of the day you have the right to make money to keep the lights on.

What I mean is something here in the meta section where happy mutants (or unhappy mutants) can engage. That sort of thing.


Looks like you’re now soaking in it!



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You are welcome to start your own topic if you want to reminisce about a given item for sale, just as you could for any item for sale anywhere on the internet.