This stealth micro-drone is 67% off for a limited time only


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I want to want this. But drones have disappointed me too much. Anybody have experience or video footage from this little thing?


YMMV: Code Black Drone with HD Camera.

Personally, I’ve found these palm sized drones are really only good for indoor flying. Even a wee bit of wind is too much.


This quadcopter is more widely known as the Hubsan H107C.

You can get it for 2 whole dollars cheaper with free shipping on Banggood

But $60 drones have come a long way! you can get this outdoor-grade one for $60 and it also has a camera.

I have absolutely nothing to do with banggood BTW, but i have ordered from them before and I always got what I bought (very cheap chinese stuff, some crap some not, YMMV)


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