Relieve stress with a hammock for your neck

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Was expecting this to be another shill for BOINGBOING SHOP

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No; that would be the – counts – four posts directly below this one.


Yeah, I have one of these. I look like a giraffe now.

Anyone like these? Have not had anyone who likes them as much as neck exercises, the old school over the door traction units, or the newer inflatable neck traction collars.

No; that would be the – counts – four posts directly below this one.

No need to manually count anymore! I made a browser extension that removes Boing Boing Shop posts, and counts them too, ha. I’ve been meaning to do it forever and I finally spent a couple of morning coffee sessions figuring it out.


And Firefox:

It’s amazing how much more readable BB is without those ridiculous Boing Boing Shop posts.


I’ve seen that somewhere before… Oh, right–it’s how you hang yourself with your underwear. There’s an illustration in Spitz and Fisher’s Medicolegal Investigation of Death, but my copy is 400 miles away and it’s a tricky thing to Google. (The idea is to use your body weight to compress the big arteries and veins in your neck. Obviously, when used as intended, that thing doesn’t put any pressure on the sides of the neck, but slip and there’s a wrongful death lawsuit a’comin.)

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