Remarkable timelapse of a cargo ship at sea

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The clear nights were pretty amazing, but so were the thunderstorms at night.


I need a channel of stuff like this, and steam trains sputtering up Welsh valleys.


German TV used to put on hours of footage shot from the cab of trains back in the days when TV stations used to shut down for the night at some point. Also footage from ski lifts, I seem to recall.

Don’t know if they still do.


30 Days of Timelapse, about 80,000 photos combined.
Sailing in the open ocean is a unique feeling and experience.
I hope to capture and share it for everyone to see.

I imagine that fatigue, and at times ennui, must be rather defining characteristics of such a journey. For a more realistic experience, the video would need to be replayed at 2 frames per minute, and then watched consistently for two daily periods of four hours, with eight hours off-time in between, through the whole thirty days.

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What a neat video. Gives you the feeling of pursuing that romantic ideal of “shipping out on a freighter” without any inconvenience, boredom or hard work!


Wow! What a great video. Perfect for my Monday morning at work where I’m moving just a bit too slow. World trade is quite amazing.


I’ve been on two 7-day Carnival cruises (floating trailer parks) and got bored pretty quick (don’t drink booze). Probably blow my brains out on these trips… but then when they hit those crazy storms… oh baby!!! Last cruise was intense, old people flying everywhere… best trip ever.

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It’s nice to see the good side of merchant marine, from time to time, the romantic side.
Usually, the very rare times you hear about ships like this one, it’s because something bad happened.


Makes the salt come alive in my bones.


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